Bespoke custom packaging.

Our handmade boxes have housed everything from postcards and USB's through to copper pineapples and headphones. We understand that packaging is an essential part of a brand experience, and no matter what the value of the item inside, the packaging has to create the right impression.

Bespoke handmade packaging-noted in style
Bespoke leather journal and foil printed box
Perpetual calander and notebook gift set

From straightforward lidded boxes, more complex hinged boxes or something totally unique, we can help with your bespoke packaging needs. Having our design and production teams in-house, under one roof, means that we can work collaboratively between these departments at the outset to ensure that our creative solutions not only look the part but are fully functional too.

Bespoke packaging starts with clever design…

And clever design starts by listening carefully to you. Besides the technical details of the items to go inside the box, it is important that we know what your bespoke packaging needs to do. Does it need to wow, does it need to surprise, does it need to convey the qualities of luxury or fun? Once we know exactly what you want to achieve we can begin to design and advise, looking not only at size, shape and colour but also at tactile elements such as material type and print finishes. Of course, if you’ve already designed your box and know exactly what you want then we’ll work to your specifications, making your design come to life.

…and ends with skilled production.

We have a hands-on team that works with a huge variety of materials from papers, boards, real leathers, faux leather, linens, foam and ribbons. We’ve even worked with astroturf! If you’ve read about our craft you’ll know that our production team take huge pride in their work and consequently pay meticulous attention to detail. So whatever materials and print you opt for, you can be confident that our craftsmen and women will have ensured that you receive nothing less than the best finish possible.

So please get in touch today to discuss your bespoke packaging needs and put our team to the test. If you have a deadline you need your boxes for, do let us know, as fast turnarounds are possible.