UV Digital Printing.

Flat bed UV digital printing gives you new creative possibilities in customisation to really make your brand stand out.

We’re always looking for new ways to bring your brand to life, and UV digital printing is our latest customisation technique. It opens up a world of possibilities: you can now create distinctive and beautiful products that stand out from the crowd.

Create eye-catching results with vibrant colours and pin-sharp graphics. Or reach another level with UV digital printing’s unique ability to add texture and gloss in all the right places.


What is UV digital printing?

UV printing is a type of digital printing in which ultra violet (UV) lights dry or ‘cure’, the ink as it is printed. This technology allows print to be applied to the surface of many different types of materials, or ‘substrates’, not just paper.

Like any digital printer, a flatbed UV digital printer needs digital information – artwork such as high-resolution photos, vector images, print-ready PDFs – to tell it what to do. Objects are placed on the print bed and stay in a fixed position while the print head zips back-and-forth, leaving a coating of ink on the object as it goes. The UV light follows closely behind to cure the printed surface, so it’s ready to use almost immediately.

Jama Software printed diary and pen set UV digitially printed

You need UV digital printing when:

  • You have full-colour, photographic-quality images, or detailed artwork with multiple colours and gradients. Our UV printer handles complex printing jobs on a whole range of surfaces, beautifully and expertly.


  • You want to print onto substantial items such as notebooks, diaries or gift boxes. Our UV printer is designed to do just that, so we can now help you put your message on 3-dimensional items that are normally too deep for a digital printer to cope with. It’s a huge advance and a great way to put your brand in the spotlight.


  • You want something extra special, such as a striking design that covers a product’s entire surface. Or you could create a unique look with mixed media, combining a modern full-colour print with a more traditional, tactile deboss or foil…

We came to noted in style when we needed a super fast turn around for a notebook design for a programme we we’re running. Everyone there was incredibly helpful and communicated with us clearly. We were thrilled with the result and are looking forward to using noted in style again in the future.

Front and back covers of a black Moleskine notebook printed with moon image and Armstrong red logo next to a metal pen.

The advantages of UV digital printing are:

UV light cures the printed surface straight away and shortens the drying time. This means we could print an order with a full-colour logo early in the morning and ship it out to you in the afternoon. With screen-printing, each colour needs to dry before the next is printed, so the process takes much longer. UV printing speeds up short runs of multiple colours and is cost-effective – a winner on all counts!

We can now print on a variety of materials, or ‘substrates’, including paper, plastic, leather, metal and wood. So, we can easily transfer your company logo onto products such as our leather, PU, paper, and linen covered notebooks, as well as metal pens and paper packaging. In fact, amidst so many possibilities, the only surface we can’t currently print on is mirror!

You’ll want your printed products to look good for as long as possible, so it’s nice to know the sealing effect of UV printing means they won’t easily scratch, smudge or fade. Perfect for items like notebooks and Moleskine pens that will share your life, get stuffed into bags and have their endurance constantly tested.

The perfect image
If nothing but perfection will do, UV digital printing is on your side. Our printer can achieve pin-sharp accuracy, so highly complex designs can now be perfectly replicated.

What’s more, we can create a white base that acts like a primer, so you can print bright colours on dark surfaces, without the background colour affecting the result. All this means you are guaranteed to get the best and most vibrant results from your artwork – and products you’ll be proud of.

The final touches…
Sometimes a small thing can make the difference between ‘good’ and ‘outstanding’. Our UV printer can produce a range of textured effects and varnishes, including spot varnishes. Layers can also be built up with clear inks to create a 3D effect, or a texture you can actually feel.

These finishes are very special – currently there is no other way of getting them printed onto a solid object. Contact us if you’d like to know more about finishes, print designs or need artwork help – we love helping you bring your ideas to life…


The two images below show first the digital print on the left and then after we added a gold foil and debossing of the cherubs that bleed off the edge of the book on the right.


Have an idea for your UV digital print design or need artwork help?

Then call or email us – we’ll be happy to discuss your project.