Everything is better if it’s personalised.

Add names, initials and individual messages to notebooks, diaries, bellybands, pages and packaging.


Tailoring your branded product to the individual who will receive it is a guaranteed way to enhance the impact it makes. Whether it’s attendees to a seminar, your own team members, existing or potential clients, a small personal touch can make all the difference.

You can choose to personalise your products with names and/or unique messages in a number of ways:

Print initials or a name on the outside.

Add the recipients initials or their name to the outside of your branded products to make the item uniquely and totally theirs. We can deboss or foil print initials on the cover of notebooks or diaries and can laser engrave names onto premium pens for you.

We can also incorporate people’s names into a design that you are having UV digitally printed onto the item – take a look at the clapperboard above as an example.

If you’re presenting the product in gift packaging we can also add names to that, so that the personalisation greets the person as soon as they receive the packaged item.

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Forte-Oil-gold foiled name
Ben-Targett-Clapper-board printed notebook

Add Printed belly bands.

A paper belly band can be wrapped around your notebooks, diaries or gift packaging to give you another means to personalise the item without permanently adding the recipient’s name to the product itself.

This is useful if the product itself has been carefully designed to carry your brands artwork; you need not disrupt the design but can add personalisation to the band that will be removed by the user. As our belly bands are digitally printed, you can set a common background design and change the text printed on each belly band – allowing you to have a personal message dedicated to each individual recipient.

Page inserts in a branded notebook or diary.

Surprise and delight those that you give your customised notebooks or diaries to by greeting them with a personalised message when they open the book.

If for your team members, you could have a personal message from their manager or if for clients, a communication from their regular point of contact within your organisation. Such messages make your products truly memorable to the recipient.

Our page inserts  get placed at the very front of a notebook or journal so the personalised message will be on the first page – and will be seen every time the recipient opens the book to use it.  You can of course have more than one printed page inserted, so you can still communication other general brand or product information on further pages too.

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