Debossing / Blind Embossing.

We work with early twentieth century manual presses and individually hand deboss every product, ensuring outstanding quality and a superb finish on every item.


Awaken the senses with a deboss

Debossing (also known as blind embossing) is our most popular form of branding. It’s a process of using a metal stamp (known as a ‘die’) to form an impression onto the surface of a product. As no colour is applied to the product in the process the finished effect is often subtler than other forms of customisation, however, the depth created on the product adds a beautifully tactile element to the branding.

Your artwork (whether that be text, an image or both) will be machined out of a brass block to create the die. Once the die is attached to the press a combination of  pressure and heat is applied (at varying speeds) to allow your artwork to be imprinted into your chosen product. We have a selection of early twentieth-century presses allowing us to select the machine best suited to your project, ensuring the best results time after time.


Jane and the team are proper old school with their customer service it’s refreshing and unfortunately all too rare these days. Great supplier, receptive, premium products, can’t do enough to help. Highly, highly recommend them.


Materials, colour change & depth

The appearance of a deboss will vary from product to product, dependent on its construction. On the highly sought after Classic Moleskine notebook or the increasingly popular Leuchtturm1917 hardbacks, the heated die has the effect of compressing the material, creating a smooth finish with a sharp outline. Due to the nature of the cover material on products such as these, the colour inside the debossed area remains largely the same as the book cover itself.

However, with other products made from heat reactive materials, such as the Castelli Tucson notebook, there will be a colour change within the debossed area (usually a darkening), making the deboss more distinct.

The material also has an impact on depth of the deboss; the thinner the covering material and backing material the shallower the deboss will be. For example, the Moleskine Cahier has a thin card cover meaning that the imprint is much shallower than with other items, bringing a very subtle finish – perfect for those projects when you when need a minimal look.

Full coverage & edge bleeding

When considering using debossing to create your branded promotional product there’s no need to confine yourself to putting your logo or strapline on the centre of an item. Our skilled team are experienced at debossing across the entire face of a product or are able to bleed off of an edge. Such production techniques create a real impact on branded products, but do require great skill and are only suited to certain products with favourable cover materials and construction. Our knowledgeable sales and design team can advise you on the best product choices if you are looking for full coverage or an edge bleed – call and speak to us today.


A deboss bleeding off an edge...

Package your debossed product

Debossing is possible on most of the products that we sell and is a great way to brand a promotional product if you are looking for a sophisticated look. High quality, branded products are a great way to inspire and engage with your customers or staff. Branded stationery makes ideal giveaways for conferences, exhibitions, events and product launches, especially when presented in branded packaging too. Take a look at our packaging page for ideas or visit our totally bespoke section.