Screen printing.

Perfect for ensuring exact colour matches with Pantone inks making it a great customisation option that ensures colour consistency across all branded media.

What is Screen Printing?

The art of screen printing involves applying your artwork to a or silk or polyester screen. This process involves coating the screen with a light sensitive emulsion and exposing it to light with black and white artwork printed on acetate in situ. The black artwork prevents the light curing the coating and once exposed the screen is washed with water revealing the artwork. This process is repeated for each colour required for the job on separate screens.

Ink is then loaded and pushed through the mesh screen with a blade or squeegee forcing ink onto the product by capillary action. The ink can only adhere to the products through the areas not blocked off by the stencil. When more than one colour is required, the ink is left to dry before the next colour is added via an additional screen. 

5-colour-screenprinted-Moleskine-classic notebook-Channel4

Make an impact with colour

Screen printing is perfect for areas of flat colour and simplistic multi-coloured designs, like Channel 4’s iconic logo, screen printed 5 colour logo here on A5 Moleskine Classic hardback notebook. Screen printing also enables the use of Pantone inks ensuring your brand colours will always appear correctly.

Below are a small selection of wonderful projects we have been involved in.

Don’t forget the packaging!

it’s not just notebooks we produce and customise. If you need a conference gift sets, staff on-boarding / welcome packs or brand building giveaways we can create, source and brand sets tailored to your needs.

Below you can see a ‘Brand Builder Toolbox’ we created for SAGE’s ‘Build on.’ campaign that contained a T-Shirt, tote bag, notebook, pen, USB and thank you card.



We can screen print onto any of our products and pretty much anything that we can hold flat. We are always happy to advise you on what process would work best with your brand / product(s) and desired finish. Talk to our team today.