Meet the award
winning team

We have an award winning in-house sales, design and production team based on the sunny (sometimes!) South Coast of England. We’re all very different, but we all share the same passion for making great products and providing great service.

Our sales people love to help and are on hand to guide you to the perfect product for your needs. Our designers can assist you with artwork and are always happy to discuss and offer advice on the best way to achieve the right impression you are looking to create. If you require a full design service, including product design, that’s something we can offer too. Our production team take great pride in their work and love making beautiful things and trying new creative ideas on products.

Why not get in touch and put us all to the test for your next project?

Alexandra Griffiths Alexandra Griffiths

Alexandra Griffiths

Senior Sales Advisor & Project Manager

Alex is responsible for dealing with new customer enquiries and project managing orders through to dispatch. She’ll be one of the lovely, friendly voices you hear on the telephone when you call.

Alex studied Textiles at university and she’s passionate about helping to create beautiful products. She was brought up in Cornwall and loves being by the sea. When she’s not in or beside the water she enjoys creating her own home furnishings with her sewing machine. Alex loves to travel and has recently been to Santorini, Montgenevre and spent 3 months exploring Sri Lanka. An active and outdoors person she enjoys her ski trips and tries to go more than once a year if she can.

Interesting fact: She was a competitive gymnast for 10 years when she was younger – until school exams and injury came in the way.

Favourite Notebook: Moleskine Cahier – with a foil print finish.

Katherine Pilkington Katherine Pilkington

Katherine Pilkington

Sales Advisor & Project Manager

Katherine has a creative background, boasting an eclectic range of skills from photography to dance, and has a passion for beautiful things – making her a perfect fit for us!  She is responsible for dealing with new customer enquiries and project managing orders through to dispatch.

Katherine has previously worked in print and personalized gifts, both in production and customer services.  One the things she enjoys the most is talking to and welcoming new people – perfect for her other career teaching ballet. She hopes to use her people skills to help you find a solution with us soon!

On her weekends, she enjoys decorating her home and having a good lie-in! She is also a health and fitness fan – swimming and the gym being at the top of her ‘me time’ list.

Interesting fact: Katherine is also a fully qualified ballet teacher and met her idol, Darcey Bussell, at her graduation.

Favourite Notebook: Moleskine Cahier – with a foil print finish.

Holly Godwin Holly Godwin

Holly Godwin

Senior Sales Advisor & Project Manager

Holly is an experienced member of our sales team. She is responsible for dealing with new customer enquiries, quotes and project managing orders from the beginning through to dispatch.

Outside of work Holly enjoys nature photography, watercolours and computer games. Having been brought up a tomboy, her knowledge of dinosaurs and paleontology is second to none. She is an avid tea drinker and loves everything from Assam to Lapsang Souchong.

Interesting fact: Holly is originally from South Africa and likes to think of herself as exotic, but really she just has a funny dialect.

Favourite notebook: A5 Leuchtturm1917 hardback in Emerald green

John Pope John Pope

John Pope

Sales Advisor & Project Manager

John is responsible for dealing with new customer enquiries and project managing orders through to dispatch. He is a very happy salesman and loves to talk to new people.

John likes to think of himself as a creative person and has a passion to work in businesses in the creative sector. He brings 4 years experience from working in the print trade to his role.

Outside of work, he enjoys cycling through the countryside (when the weather is warm and not hurricane force winds) and has taken part in a number of cycling events within the past 12 months. He also enjoys socialising with friends, watching motorsports, cooking and going to the gym to burn off the edible creations that he made.

Interesting fact: John is incredibly flexible and is able to lick his own elbow (you try it!)

Favourite Notebook: Leuchtturm1917 Genuine Leather, finished in ‘cognac’. It has a vintage look to it.

Melissa Smith Melissa Smith

Melissa Smith

Sales Advisor & Project Manager

Melissa is responsible for new customer enquiries and will advise and guide you throughout your order.
On a personal note Melissa loves to be active and has a passion for badminton, swimming and cycling, often taking part in competitions. To relax she enjoys visiting the beach, listening to music and reading, especially fantasy books. She loves a Pina Colada and admits she is a slight chocoholic, well slight may be an understatement!

Her favourite notebook is a debossed Leuchtturm1917 in Azure, although she does love all of the bright colours in this collection.

Interesting Fact: Melissa has cycled around Lake Constance, that’s 170 miles!

Charmaine Stapley Charmaine Stapley

Charmaine Stapley

Production Assistant

Charmaine joins production bringing an array of skills from her previous position working with vinyl, glass etching and heat transfer processes. Charmaine has a real eye for detail and a passion for creative work. Being a mother of two boys, spare time is limited, but when she does have a moment to relax she loves nothing more than indulging in a DVD box set, such as ‘Sons of Anarchy’.

Interesting fact: Charmaine once woke up on the operating table before her surgery had been completed – an experience she describes as very strange!

Favourite notebook: Pocket Leuchtturm1917 hardback in emerald (must be lined paper).

Natalie Kershaw Natalie Kershaw

Natalie Kershaw

Business Administration Apprentice

Natalie is our current apprentice, focused on business administration and general office tasks. She supports our sales team and is always willing to give anybody a hand if they need it.

Before joining us Natalie studied at Canterbury College for a year after finishing school at Brockhill Park Performing Arts College, where her subjects of choice were Business, Science, Music and Drama.

In her spare time she loves to read and her favourite book is Pierced Love. Natalie also contributes considerable amounts of her spare time to fundraising events for her local area, such as a 4-mile fancy dress charity walk along the beach.

Interesting fact: She read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows within 2 days. (She really does love reading!)

Favourite Notebook: Brunnen Kompagnon Aluminium Notebook

Graham Whitehead Graham Whitehead

Graham Whitehead

Production Manager

Graham brings nearly 20 years’ multi skilled experience in the factory and warehousing sector to his position. Prior to joining us, Graham’s last job involved producing high quality leather goods for well known brands. The attention to detail and keen eye required for the hand finishing of those intricate items meant he was perfectly suited to take on a production role here at Noted in Style.

In his spare time Graham enjoys attending beer festivals and is a member of CAMRA.

Interesting fact: He is a heavy metal fanatic!

Favourite notebook: A5 Castelli Tucson bright blue (debossed)

Ashley Needham Ashley Needham

Ashley Needham

Production Assistant

Originally from Cambridge, Ashley brings over 15 years ‘hands on’ experience in the electronics field producing goods like satellite navigation systems, scientific equipment and radios for the emergency services. Ashley’s approach to dismantling everything to see how they work and re-assembling fits perfectly with his production role, as all our processes are done by hand. His former technical production experience has given him a keen eye for detail and a precise approach, meaning that nothing gets past him when it comes to quality control.

In his spare time Ashley enjoys fixing computers (more dismantling) and Asian cooking.

Interesting fact: Ashley lived in Shanghai for a year and has been a frequent visitor to Hong Kong.

Favourite notebook: Under investigation – more dismantling to be done to decide.

Vanessa Bardosa Vanessa Bardosa

Vanessa Bardosa

Sales Advisor and Project Manager

Vanessa is responsible for new customer enquiries and will advise and guide you throughout your order. Originally from Portugal, Vanessa studied at the University of Kent and is excited to be starting her career in a business in the creative sector.

In her spare time she likes to go on weekly cinema trips (sometimes more often!) and visit museums and exhibitions in London. She is a fan of Renaissance art and is currently studying for a Masters Degree in the Philosophy and History of Art.

Interesting Fact: Vanessa taught herself English and mainly learnt by watching English films with subtitles, particularly Harry Potter.

Favourite notebook: the Castelli Phoenix A5 with a brown elastic band.

Ben Targett Ben Targett

Ben Targett

Graphic Designer

Ben joins us bringing over three years commercial experience in branding, design for print, POS, exhibitions and web after studying for a Digital Media degree at Canterbury Christ Church University.

Outside of design, Ben’s passions are playing the drums and football. So if he’s not gigging with his cover band he can be found having a kick around with friends – and he previously managed an under 18 football team.

Interesting fact: Ben was once interviewed (& broadcast!) on an American News Channel whilst in New York about US tax Law!

Favourite notebook: Classic A5 hardback Moleskine, but 8 Outdoor Media is a favourite finished project.

Anna Shields Anna Shields

Anna Shields

Design & Production

Anna joins the team after completing a 4 year course at Brunel University in Industrial Design & Technology with Professional Practice.  During her time at Brunel, she found herself spending most of her time in the workshops getting hands on with every project – giving her a very keen eye for detail and many practical skills. Not only can her skills help in designing & creating new products for Noted in Style, she is also confident in graphic design, visual presentations, design for print, branding and producing artworks for clients.

In her free time, Anna can be found sunbathing whenever the sun is out with a cold glass of Prosecco in hand.  She tries to keep healthy with gym visits, swims regularly and has a little obsession with dinosaurs (her ideal non-extinct pet would be a Komodo Dragon).

Interesting Fact: Anna used to be a tennis player and coach, having completed a level 1 tennis-coaching course.

Favourite Notebook: Kraft Hardback Notebook

Laura Turner Laura Turner

Laura Turner

Business Director

Laura fell into the world of notebooks pretty much by accident when she retired from her first career at the Bar, but she hasn’t looked back since. Having overseen the growth of the company from a cottage industry into its current, ever expanding state, she remains involved in all aspects of the company’s day to day affairs, with a focus on the business and financial side of matters.

Outside of work she is a fitness fanatic and loves outdoor activities such as horse riding, running and cycling and when she’s not on the go she’s known to enjoy relaxing with a good book and a nice G&T.

Interesting fact: Laura’s secret rebellion as a youngster was two tattoos before the age of 18 and a tongue piercing before turning 19 – much to her mother’s dismay! She still sports them all now.

Favourite notebook: A5 Leuchtturm1917 Notebook in Emerald.

Gerald Glover Gerald Glover

Gerald Glover

Creative Director

Gerald is responsible for the creative direction of Noted in Style and overseeing all aspects of production, including researching new products and branding techniques. Before growing Noted in Style into the lean, mean branding machine it is today, he ran his own small design agency for seventeen years and prior to this worked for two London agencies specialising in print, branding and web development. Through his experience of working with ‘Blue Chip’ and smaller companies Gerald appreciates the incredibly tight deadlines that agencies and companies have to work to and has ensured that Noted in Style is geared to be able to meet these.

As a keen kitesurfer he is able to make the most of living and working on the coast. Graphic design, architecture and music are also a passion.

Interesting fact: Gerald has previously built his own house and has grand plans to do so again in the very near future.

Favourite notebook: Leuchtturm1917 Bi-Colour Anthracite and Blue