Our amazing team.

We have an award winning in-house sales, design and production team based on the (sometimes) sunny South Coast of England.

Meet the award winning team

Our sales people love to help and are on hand to guide you to the perfect product for your needs. Our designers can assist you with artwork and are always happy to discuss and offer advice on the best way to achieve the right impression you are looking to create. If you require a full design service, including product design, that’s something we can offer too. Our production team take great pride in their work and love making beautiful things and trying new creative ideas on products.

Jack Hearne Sales Team Leader

Jack leads our sales team and ensures that our customer service remains five star. Having been an assistant manager for Paperchase and retail manager for a public art gallery, keeping customers happy and selling stationery have both featured heavily in his career so far.

Jack loves his role as it allows him to speak with customers, manage a lovely team, work in a creative environment and to analyse data - some of his favourite things (in a professional setting!)

Outside of work, Jack is hugely creative himself. He plays the guitar, is often baking up a storm (with the help of his young son) and even brews his own craft beer now and again (beer being something he's very fond of - don't worry, the young son doesn't help with this).

Interesting fact: Jack used to be in a band called 'Fuzzy Logic Baby', who once shared a bill with Professor Green, Tinie Tempah and Katy B.

Favourite notebook: an Eco flexi notebook in green, for its sustainability credentials mixed with classic style.

Alexandra Uren Sales, Marketing & Finance Assistant

Alex rejoins us from maternity leave to continue in sales and ensuring customers get the best service possible. Alex will also be assisting with marketing and finance.

She was brought up in Cornwall and loves being by the sea. When she’s not in or beside the water she enjoys creating her own home furnishings with her sewing machine. Alex loves to travel and being active and outdoors person she enjoys her annual ski trips.

Interesting fact: She was a competitive gymnast for 10 years when she was younger - until school exams and injury got in the way.

Favourite Notebook: A5 Leuchtturm1917 notebook in Anthracite Grey with a gold foil.

John Pope Senior Sales Advisor & Project Manager

John is responsible for dealing with new customer enquiries and project managing orders through to dispatch. He has a passion for working in businesses in the creative sector and brings several years of experience from working in the print trade to his role. John is a very happy chap and loves to talk to new people.

Outside of work he enjoys watching motorsports, socialising with friends, cooking and going to the gym to burn off the edible creations that he made.

Interesting fact: John is incredibly flexible and is able to lick his own elbow (you try it!)

Favourite Notebook: Leuchtturm1917 genuine leather, finished in ‘cognac’. It has a vintage look to it.

Benji Cockapoo Head of Employee Well-Being

Although this is Benji's first job, he's taken to his role like an old pro; staff happiness is never higher than when he's around.

If asked what he loves about his job the most, he'll tell you it's the apples, marmite on toast, crisps, blueberries, and smoked salmon he suckers people into giving him his colleagues gratefully share.

Interesting fact: one of Benji's ambitions is to win the BAFTA for best British male actor; so far he's mastered the look of 'feel sorry for me' and can play dead on command.

Favourite notebook: the Appeel notebook in Granny Smith (of course!)

Jane Saint Sales Advisor & Project Manager

Be wary if you talk to Jane; with over 30 years experience in selling and business development for luxury brands, she's a dab hand at getting people to push their budget to the max! She's also very lovely and genuine too though, so won't sell you anything that isn't perfect for you.

Jane loves the creative environment here at Noted in Style HQ and adores looking at all the beautiful hand finished jobs that are created every day - she's a bit of a magpie, so anything with a shiny foil always catches her eye.

As a self-confessed "feeder" she is hugely popular among the team. Aside from cooking, when she has spare time she likes to socialise with friends, gardening and travel - with Bora Bora as her all-time dream destination. Jane is also a Reiki Healer.

Interesting fact: Jane can gargle David Soul's 'Don't give up on us baby' and once went on a date with Thierry Henry. (We know that's two facts, but there's soooo many to choose from with Jane, it's hard to stick to one!)

Favourite notebook: A6 pocket Leuchtturm1917   - because, in her words, " it fits in my handbag beautifully and I can write all of my positivity notes of the day easily".

Anna Shields Production & Quality Manager

Anna having started off as our product designer, putting her degree from Brunel University to good use has since progressed to Quality Manager and now take over responsibility for all of the design and production side of the business as Production & Quality Manager.

In her free time, Anna can be found basking in any bit of sun she can find (even on her office chair in the carpark over lunch). She is a Prosseco connoisseur and has an obsession with all things dinosaur-related – her dream pet would be a Komodo Dragon!

Interesting Fact: Anna used to be a tennis player and coach, having completed a level 1 tennis-coaching course.

Favourite Notebook: A5 hardback Leuchtturm1917 notebook in Bellini (has to be as this is one of Anna's favourite drinks).

NB: Anna is also related to another member of the team, our Head of Well-Being, Benji - she is his 'Mum'


David Dray Creative Artworker

David is responsible for creating visuals and preparing print-ready artwork for client projects, as well as producing our own marketing materials, including photography. He loves the variety his role brings and our continued use of traditional, hands-on print techniques.

With close to 30 years working as a graphic designer, both at print houses and in commerce, he brings a wealth of design and artwork experience to our team. Should you need our design services or just want a bit of advice, you’ll be in very safe hands with David.

Outside of work, his main interest is in photography, which he combines with his love of walking and nature, to shoot stunning landscapes and wildlife images - take a look.

Interesting fact: David once worked a summer season with Lulu while he was a stage hand.

Favourite notebook: a Castelli Vitello notebook in light brown - a timeless classic in genuine leather.

Charmaine Stapley Senior Production Assistant

Charmaine joins us bringing an array of skills from her previous experience working with vinyl, glass etching and heat transfer processes. Charmaine has a real eye for detail and a passion for creative work.

Being a mother of two boys, spare time is limited, but when she does have a moment to relax she loves nothing more than indulging in a DVD box set, such as 'Sons of Anarchy'.

Interesting fact: Charmaine once woke up on the operating table before her surgery had been completed - an experience she describes as very strange!

Favourite Notebook: Pocket Leuchtturm1917 hardback in Emerald (must be lined paper).

Mark Lawrence Production Assistant

During a typical day you’ll find Mark working with his hands to expertly brand your products.

He draws on a decade’s worth of experience in the print industry, having operated litho presses, guillotines, perforators and stitching machines; he even recently worked machinery that added glitter to greetings cards! He has the ability to drive anything, from a forklift to a 7.5 tonne lorry and he’s a wealth of practical knowledge that we are glad to have in the company.

Born-and-bred in Ashford, Mark is proud to be a true Kentish lad. He enjoys spending his spare time with his daughter, watching films or playing video games. He’s even been known to dabble in a spot of ghost hunting at local haunted hot-spots.

Interesting Fact: Mark holds a bronze medallion from the Royal Life Saving Society, so we’re always in safe hands during our team trips to the harbour arm, should one of us take a tumble in to the water.

Favourite Notebook: A5 Swatch custom coloured notebook in Navy – with a Gold Foil

Libby Festorazzi Digital Marketer & Content Creator

Libby’s role involves creating content, and in a nutshell: putting Noted In Style and their services out there in the digital realm for people like you to read.

Libby graduated with a BA and MA in History and Philosophy of Art at the University of Kent, possessing an unrelenting desire to pursue something creative. Since graduating, Libby has interned for a magazine where she experienced the hustles and bustles of London Fashion Week and has fulfilled a number of content creation roles, with an eagerness to apply these skills to a digital platform.

Out of working hours, Libby enjoys spending valuable time with her dog and cat, attending art exhibitions, (attempting) to draw, and binging on documentaries.

Interesting fact: Libby once interviewed skincare scientist Dr. Barbara Sturm (whose “Vampire Facial” was made popular by Kim Kardashian) at the Dorchester Hotel.

Favourite Notebook: Leuchtturm1917 squared A5 in Berry.

Laura Turner Business Director

Laura fell into the world of notebooks pretty much by accident when she retired from her first career at the Bar, but she hasn’t looked back since. Having overseen the growth of the company from a cottage industry into its current, ever expanding state, she remains involved in all aspects of the company’s day to day affairs, with a focus on the business and financial side of matters (and needless to say, the legal too!).

Outside of work she is a fitness fanatic and loves outdoor activities such as horse riding, running and cycling and when she's not on the go she's known to enjoy relaxing with a good book and a nice G&T.

Interesting fact: Laura's secret rebellion as a youngster was two tattoos before the age of 18 and a tongue piercing before turning 19 - much to her mother's dismay! She still sports them all now.

Favourite Notebook: A5 Leuchtturm1917 notebook in Emerald.

Gerald Glover Creative Director

Gerald is responsible for the creative direction of Noted in Style and overseeing all aspects of production, including researching new products and branding techniques.

Before growing Noted in Style into the lean, mean branding machine it is today, he ran his own small design agency for seventeen years and prior to this worked for two London agencies specialising in print, branding and web development. Through his experience of working with 'Blue Chip' and smaller companies Gerald appreciates the incredibly tight deadlines that agencies and companies have to work to and has ensured that Noted in Style is geared to be able to meet these.

As a keen kitesurfer he is able to make the most of living and working on the coast. Graphic design, architecture and music are also a passion.

Interesting fact: Gerald has previously built his own house and has grand plans to do so again in the very near future.

Favourite Notebook: Leuchtturm1917 Bi-Colour in Anthracite Grey and Blue.

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