Iconic tools for today's creatives, thinkers and entrepreneurs. Connecting the visionaries of the past with the makers of the future, Moleskine's rich heritage and iconic status makes it a powerful brand to be associated with.


Moleskine heritage

The legendary Moleskine notebook is a timeless classic and heir to the small black notebooks used by great writers and artists such as Vincent van Gogh, Picasso, Ernest Hemingway and Oscar Wilde. Produced at a small Parisien bookbinders since the 19th century, by the mid-1980s these notebooks had become scarce, as the owner had died and his heirs sold the business – an event that was much lamented by British author Bruce Chatwin, who referred to his beloved journal as ‘moleskin’ in his novel ‘The Songlines’. In 1997, a Milanese publisher discovered the story and took it upon himself to revive the iconic little black notebooks and, inspired by Chatwin’s words, gave them the name we all know today.

Moleskine today

From there the brand flourished and established itself as inseparable from imagination, culture, memory and travel while continuing to respond to an evolving market. The Moleskine range has expanded to include pens and pencils, travel accessories, bags and even digital products such as the Smart Writing System. While the distinctive design features of the original notebook remain, today’s versions of the little black book have become the go-to tool for the current generation of designers, writers, artists and entrepreneurs, remaining as coveted now as it was back then.

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Promotional Moleskine products

Customised Moleskine notebooks.
A Moleskine notebook is not just a notebook; it is an object with a story. By putting your message on a Moleskine notebook you associate yourself with the heritage and values that Moleskine embody, enhancing your brand further.

Here at Noted in Style, we can create customised Moleskine notebooks for you that act as powerful communicators. So whether you’re looking to strengthen employee engagement, launch a new product or campaign, thank your loyal customers or add prestige to your event, we can help.  With a range of styles, from the classic hardback through to the modern card cover and thread-sewn Cahier notebooks, Moleskine notebooks also come in a range of sizes and colours, meaning there is sure to be something that suits your needs.

We are able to personalise your Moleskine notebooks, both inside and out, with a range of print techniques from traditional hand debossing, hot foiling and screen printing, through to the more modern technology of full-colour UV digital printing. Furthermore, we can add customised belly bands and insert bespoke printed pages into notebooks, giving you even greater scope to convey your message in detail. And if you opt for one of our own custom packaging solutions for your branded Moleskine notebooks, you’ll have yet another opportunity to reinforce your brand.

With all of this on offer, it’s no wonder that customised Moleskine notebooks are the go-to choice for some of the world’s greatest brands! Why not join them?

Branded Moleskine pens and more

As well as a range of dairies to go alongside their notebooks, the Moleskine brand has evolved to include a range of writing, drawing and travel accessories. Moleskine pens make ideal companions for your customised notebooks and diaries. With their sleek style, distinctive rectangular shape and uniquely designed lid clip that can attach the pen to any hardback Moleskine notebook or diary, the Moleskine pen range is perfect for those looking for something a little bit different and clever. Available in a similarly impressive range of colours to the notebooks, Moleskine pens can be printed with your artwork, making them a stylish promotional product whether or on their own, or alongside a Moleskine notebook.

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Even an item as iconic as the classic Moleskine notebook can benefit from the power of packaging. Presenting your beautifully customised Moleskine notebook, diary or pen in a gift boxes or bags not only makes the recipient feel extra special but gives you even more scope to reinforce your brand message.
Our Moleskine tray cases are made from high quality GF SMith Colorplan card, giving you over 50 colour choices for the tray and sleeve. Our bags can be made with a ribbon handle instead of rope, for when that luxury look is needed. All of our packaging can be branded using one or more of our print techniques, and, if you are looking for something totally unique, we can make you a fully bespoke box.