Business notebooks for your team

Engage your team with personalised business notebooks.


Branded business notebooks are a portable, powerful and cost-effective way to make your company look professional, share information with your team and make individual employees feel appreciated.


What use are business notebooks?

Notebooks (or diaries) can bring value in many ways. They can be used:

  • By sales or other client-facing staff when out at meetings.
    If out with your company’s smart notebooks in hand, it will get noticed and make a good impression. You might even find clients asking if they can have one! Why not give them a branded pen to use too?


  • As reflection journals for personal development.
    Having a high-quality notebook to record their learnings and journey in will make your employees feel that you take their development seriously and encourage them to enagage in the process seriously too – which is good for them, and good for you.

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  • As an onboarding or training tool, or part of an onboarding gift set.
    Notebooks or dairies can have key information printed in them to share with new starters, as well as giving them something to write in. Or they can just make a lovely, gift to welcome someone – after all, first impressions count, and you want your staff to think your business rocks from day one.
    We can create gift packaged onboarding sets that include other items as well as branded notebooks and pens; supplying those other items ourselves, or receiving them, along with any other marketing collateral, from you.


  • To keep your team engaged with and feeling part of business developments.
    It’s not just customers that you need to market your brand to! Introducing a rebrand by giving staff notebooks to use with the new branding on is a great idea and if you’re launching a new product or changing business focus, you can add printed pages to the notebook to share information and reinforce these changes – with your staff seeing them every time they open their notebook.

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  • For everyday use in the office or out in the field.
    Staff feel valued if they’re given branded, rather than generic, business notebooks and pens for everyday use. It also creates a sense of professionalism and success – and we all know staff confidence and morale play a part in a company’s success.


  • As gifts to rewards and recognise.
    Sometimes you simply need to say thank you to your hard-working team. A journal with their name on and a personal message of thanks from the business makes a thoughtful and welcome gift.
    We can offer gift boxes and bags with matching branding to your items too  – a gift always feel that bit more special when it’s beautifully packaged.

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Customise and personalise it

The beauty of a notebook or diary is that it gives you so much more opportunity to communicate your message than just adding your logo to it. (Although, if that’s all you want to do – that’s fine too!)

In addition to the front and rear covers being a sizeable blank canvas for your artwork, you can enhance the initial impression people receive by adding custom printed bellybands round your journals, with your very own design on.

Moving inside, as well as foil printing a logo or contact details on the first page, you can have full-colour pages inserted too. This gives you the possibility to include company information, such as lists of contacts or processes, or share new product or brand information – or even to simply relay a message of thanks.

What’s more, you can have many different page inserts across a batch of books, to tailor them to different teams, departments or offices.

If you want to customise every page of your business notebook rather than just having inserts at the front, you can do this by having a bespoke notebook made, giving you maximum flexibility.

And if you’re looking to really make a personal connection with your team members, then you can add their name or initials to the front cover of their journal, or communicate directly with them by having a totally unique message to each of them on a bellyband or page at the front of the notebook.

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