Conference notebooks & branded notepads for meetings and events

Whatever your event, whether virtual or physical, you can trust us to deliver you exceptional products, on time and on budget.


Conferences, meetings, events: they all have their own format, size and dynamic. Whether taking place online or at a physical location, you need to keep your audience, speakers and sponsors are happy – branded promotional products can help you achieve this.


Notebooks are THE perfect promotional product for you…

Most people will take notes during a conference, seminar or meeting. Therefore, by supplying attendees with a notebook and pen you are giving them something that they will find immediately useful – making an instant positive association with your brand. And, if the recipient is someone who was already prepared with their own notebook and pen, that’s perfect too, as they’re a regular notebook user and will keep it for later use. It’s literally a win-win scenario, either way, giving a notebook!

If you’re hosting a virtual conference or meeting, sending out a notebook and pen by post is a great way to create a physical connection to people who otherwise only know your brand via a screen. Don’t worry about the logistics, we can arrange the mail out to individual addresses for you, along with any other materials you need to send. We can even create a full gift set of items alongside the notebook and pen if you like.

If you have an event coming up and want your brand to look get and get remembered one of our knowledgeable team will help you find the perfect product:

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Unique to you, personal to the recipient

Conference notebooks and branded notepads are the perfect way to put your own mark on your event. Not only can you make them highly functional by inserting pages with conference/seminar schedules, speaker profiles, maps or any other helpful information, but you can also engage your audience with your brand by featuring product/service information, introducing them to your brand values or sharing industry-relevant tips. With the ability to print in full colour, your information or messages can be shared in a visually creative way, enhancing user engagement.

As well as making the product unique to the event, you can also personalise the products to the individual attendees. This can be done with a foil or deboss of their initials on the cover, or personalised messages on printed bellybands wrapped around, or on pages inside, the promotional notebook.

All these branding options are available on minimum order quantities, which for many products is only 25 units – so your event doesn’t have to be huge to give you the opportunity to create something highly customised.

To find out more about the customisation options available to make your products unique and stand out, speak to one of our specialists:

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If you are looking for 250 units or more, you could go bespoke – read on below to find out more about our totally bespoke options…


A individually personalised diary and belly band ...

Go for bespoke conference notebooks

If you need 250 or more conference notebooks, we can supply bespoke items made for you from scratch, giving you maximum flexibility to tailor your product to your exact requirements.

As well as picking your cover materials and finishes, your own printed content can be distributed anywhere throughout the pages of your notebook. Even if you have limited content to include, you have the opportunity to have your name, logo or strapline on each page, allowing the recipient to register it every time they use your notebook.

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The full package

If you’re giving notebooks to your guests, don’t forget about branded pens too – they’re useful, portable and take your brand to all kinds of places after the event.

We can also create complete branded stationery sets to be sent to your attendees beforehand to create anticipation and excitement, or mailed out afterwards to extend the ongoing reach and impact from your event; leave all the logistics to us if you wish.

If you are looking for a wide range of branded products, let us source and supply the entire range. We’re dab hands at curating unique and striking branded gift sets. By keeping your buying all under one roof you have maximum control over budget, one point of contact for everything and can rest assured, with our outstanding service, that you’ll receive all your goods on time.

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Jama Software printed diary and pen set UV digitially printed

A full colour logo UV digitally print on a Moleskine diary & pen...