Our Craft.

"If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well". It’s a simple philosophy that's at the core of all we do.

handcrafted leather work by graham- noted in style

‘Doing it well’ to us means working with passion and integrity to create products with an unrivalled attention to detail. Whilst we work on your project, your brand becomes as important to us, as it is to you. Our commitment to your brand means that you will end up with products that you are as proud to showcase, as we are to have made – and we’re fiercely proud of our work!

Knowing we religiously follow our philosophy, you can relax and get on with all the other important things you have to do, reassured that your project is in safe hands and you can rely on us to deliver beautifully branded products and packaging on time, every time.

Every department within Noted in Style is dedicated to doing it well. Read on to find out how our craft runs through the teams…

Sales Team noted in style
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A helping hand: Our sales advisors & project managers

All projects start life in the hands of our knowledgeable and approachable sales team.
Whatever the nature or size of your enquiry we make sure that we listen carefully and respond promptly. You’ll have expert advice on hand from the outset of your enquiry and that same helpful advisor will remain as your project manager once you order, ensuring you receive a personal service and your experience with us is seamless and efficient.

We recognise that timing is crucial when events are being planned, so we’re adept at project managing to the most challenging of deadlines. And with our sales team positioned next to our design team and our production department just down stairs, we can be very flexible and responsive to your needs, as we understand that sometimes things need to change at the last minute.

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“We have used Noted in Style on a number of occasions – every time we have received beautiful, professional, high quality notebooks. However what really sets Noted in Style apart is the expert guidance you receive on the design itself –  the teams’ advice and ideas were invaluable in ensuring we achieved the best end result. The team are helpful and reliable and I look forward to working together again soon.”


Hands-on design: Our product & graphic design team

From something as simple as a logo redraw, through to a full design concept and manufacturing specification for a bespoke item, our talented product and graphic design team is at your disposal whilst you work with us. No matter how wild or unusual your concepts may be, we’ll find a way to bring them to life for you – in fact, there’s nothing we relish more than making a flight of fancy become a reality.

By working alongside our in-house production department from the initial concept stage, our design team has the unique capability to push traditional production restrictions to the limit and find new and inventive ways of achieving your vision. Such synergy between the departments also means that we can easily test ideas and make prototypes, ensuring that not only do your products look amazing but they are truly functional as well.

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Inhouse design and production

Handcrafted with pride: Our production team

Day-in day-out, our production department handcrafts goods with a meticulous attention to detail. Eyeglasses are donned to check the minute detail of prints, measurements are adjusted to within a quarter of a millimetre and painstaking, yet essential final flourishes take place, such as hand buffing delicately foiled notebooks with a cotton bud. It might sound a tad obsessive, but you want us to be obsessive, don’t you?

Nothing leaves the Noted in Style HQ until our craftsmen and women are satisfied that it is as good as they can possibly make it. After all, if a jobs worth doing…