Why #writingmatters now more than ever

With technology progressing minute by minute and the exclamation “there’s an app for that!” becoming more frequent, reverting to writing by hand might seem inconvenient, if not old fashioned. But, now, courtesy of the pandemic, it’s safe to say that our perspective on this traditional method has changed drastically. Here’s why writing matters now more than ever.


Jotting down notes can help you to stay on top of things

Working from home has meant that you all of a sudden find yourself juggling the responsibilities of working with family duties (looking after the human or the furry kind). Tasks are flowing out of your ears, and you know that nothing good comes out of being disorganised, which is why jotting things down in your notebook has become so useful. Technology might seem convenient, but sifting through multiple files to find what you’re looking for and gluing your device to a charger so the battery won’t die isn’t so convenient. A notebook just seems all the more appealing, makes a wonderful addition to your desk, and wouldn’t you agree that there’s also just something so much more motivating about the act of writing down your tasks in a brand new notebook?

Writing matters notebook on work from home desk

A notebook makes a fitting addition to any working from home desk space

Writing can help you unleash your creativity

When lockdowns and furlough were commonplace, spare time was abundant, and this time meant time to do things that were once off the cards when it was all too busy. Time to let your creativity run free through each and every individual letter that glistened on the surface of the paper. Time to pick up where you once left off. Time to tune into that side of your interests that you almost forgot about, because you simply didn’t have the time. For many, the pandemic allowed us to reconcile with our creative side, and now we realise just how much we missed out on because we didn’t make the time for ourselves.

Who would’ve guessed it? Carrying out a digital detox is good for you

Let’s face it! Technology is great, but when the pandemic struck, sometimes we all just wanted to unplug and express ourselves without the distractions of what was going on around us. Less of that blue light that you curse for inflicting you with eye strain. No urge to trawl through streams of cat videos on Instagram (we’re not saying cat videos are a bad thing, but they’re certainly a distraction). A moment of respite from endless Zoom meetings that make you grow impatient with technology. Just you and your notebook. Nothing more. Nothing less. You get things done quicker. You feel more productive. Life is more simple.

Writing by hand can improve your wellbeing

Writing by hand instantly makes the content more personal, making it the perfect tool for catharsis. Think back to the famous diarist Samuel Pepys, whose inner most thoughts provided an insight into 17th century life through his eyes, from Oliver Cromwell to the plague. There’s something about penning down your thoughts that just feels all the more special over mechanically tip tapping on the keyboard. Just like Pepys himself, in a time where isolation has been mandatory, writing becomes the perfect therapy. And we’re not just saying that – as research has shown that just 15-20 minutes of writing a day can be enough to reduce the effects of stress after just four months. Sit down, shut off your surroundings and jot to your heart’s content; we’ll promise you’ll feel better afterwards.

Moleskine journal with coffee

Journaling is just one of the many reasons why writing matters

So there you have it! A number of reasons why writing matters, now more than ever. Keen to reap the benefits of handwriting in the office with branded notebooks? Get in touch with one of our notebook experts today.