Always on the lookout for environmentally friendly stationery, we recently introduced some innovative eco-friendly notebooks to our range; the Appeel Notebooks. Made entirely from real apples and vegetables, these notebooks provide a quirky new take on stationery for the environment-conscious. The first to order their very own batch of branded Appeel notebooks was Tapestry Research, an award-winning market research agency with offices in London and New York.

Creating a green office space – starting with eco-friendly notebooks!

Tapestry are currently taking steps to transform their office into one that considers the “provenance of their purchases, as well as the impact on the environment” says Office Manager, Sarah Phillis. Having started by introducing re-usable coffee cups and doing the weekly food shop locally or through ethical online grocers, they turned their attention to stationery.

It was Managing Director Ian Wright who keenly suggested the company should have branded notebooks with eco-friendly credentials as well as “the simplicity, quality and style of Moleskine” to give to clients and staff. We gladly suggested the Appeel notebook and the team at Tapestry “fell in love with the design, the ethos and the colour scheme” immediately. With its covers made from apple peel and vegetable fibres and the organic paper inside made from ground and emulsified apple pulp, these notebooks are 100% eco-friendly – but not at the cost of style or function.


An all-round good choice for eco-conscious businesses

The A5 Appeel notebook has a classic, simple design with a flexible cover that has a PU look and feel. It’s available in five aptly-named colours; Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Red Delicious, Applewood and the classic Black, and a neutral light brown elastic closure finishes the look. Inside, 250 lined pages are cut from recycled cream-coloured paper that has a delightfully organic grain effect and smooth, premium feel. The pages are sandwiched between bright green end-leaves and a rear pocket. Inside and out, the Appeel notebook was the perfect choice for Tapestry Research.


Customised notebooks that everyone will love

The cheerful range of colours that these eco-friendly notebooks are available in allowed Tapestry to remain on-brand; they chose the Granny Smith and Pink Lady to represent the green and red of their logo. With the apple cover material exhibiting PU-like properties, a deep deboss with a colour change (the heat of the press causes the material to darken in colour) was possible and suited the abstract design of their logo well.


Of the finished product, Phillis excitedly commented: “we are sure this is a branded gift that someone would actually want to carry around and use rather than stick in a drawer” – and we agree!

We went behind the scenes to watch these notebooks being branded by our experts in Production:

Customised eco-friendly notebooks, pens and packaging are a fantastic way to encourage environmental awareness in your workplace, as well as boost your company’s ethical credentials. By opting to brand an object that can be touched, written in and carried everywhere you are quite literally putting your company’s name into your recipients’ hands – and minds.

Get in touch with a member of our team to discuss how you can stay green with your branded notebooks.