Thursday, 14th June 2018

Let us intro-juice you to a brand new product from apple. We’re talking about the crunchy, Granny Smith kind though; the Appeel eco-friendly notebooks from Castelli.

No apps, just apples

To clear things up, this is a notebook made from recycled Italian apples. In today’s increasingly eco-conscious world, we are constantly looking for ways to reduce waste and recycle to help the environment around us, and this notebook could put you one step closer to achieving your green goals.


Eco-friendly to the core – a notebook that helps protect the environment

With its cover made from apple peel and vegetable fibres, and the organic paper inside made from ground and emulsified apple pulp, these notebooks are 100% eco-friendly and natural. We’re not entirely sure how they did it, or where the idea came from but we’re big fans of these already. We can only assume that someone was getting sick of seeing the discarded cores, pips and stems of thefourth most consumed fruit in the world(I know we all have that one friend who eats the whole thing, but most of us ditch it once we’ve devoured the core’s surrounding tasty flesh), and saw an opportunity to turn these rejected parts into paper. And as for the covers, perhaps the inspiration came from the hard-core skin of a fruit so often subjected to the bottom of bags – a natural material with the durable qualities of the tough PU more commonly used.

Available in four very a-peel-ing colours (or ‘flavours’, as we like to think of them) including Pink Lady, Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Applewood and black, these eco-friendly notebooks are also an innovative, refreshing take on the existing beige-brown eco-stationery products (like our Recycled Leather and Kraft notebooks) currently in the market.


Peeling back the cover

At a glance, and once you know this eco-friendly notebook is made purely from apples, the notebooks loosely resembles a rectangular, flattened apple with a bite taken out of it. A smooth, flexible Pink, Red or Green outer cover sandwiches 250 apple-tinted ivory pages ‘flesh’, and the contrasting beige elastic closure and pen loop might even resemble a brown stalk (if you’re really getting on board with the analogy). We’re not saying that was intentional (and our theory kind of breaks down when it comes to the black and Applewood brown variants), but it’s certainly true that the apple theme has been communicated very well.


On opening any colour of the notebook, you are presented with luscious apple green end leaves, distinguishing them from other notebooks immediately. The paper stock has a grainy, organic look and smooth texture and comes complete with green lines and Appeel logo in the top right of every page. The matching green rear pocket sits opposite the brand’s printed slogan: ‘Green, Sustainable, Educational, Natural & Healthy’, rounding things off nicely.


These soft cover eco-friendly notebooks can be branded with all of our usual techniques– showing your company’s sustainability credentials has never been easier, and are sure to add a bit of tang to your campaign!

To discuss your environmentally-friendly corporate branded stationery or packaging needs – apple peel or otherwise – please get in touch!