Cross pens.

The US Presidents’ pen brand of choice, Cross have been producing fine writing instruments that combine design ingenuity with jewellery-quality craftsmanship since 1846.


The Cross dynasty.

Richard Cross founded the A.T. Cross Company in 1946 in Rhode Island, USA. From humble beginnings of producing gold and silver casings for pencils, the company has since grown to offer a range of beautifully crafted writing instruments. Now producing a variety of classic and contemporary designs to suit all types of writer, the brand is coveted globally by both consumer and corporate markets.


Gifted for generations.

Cross pens have become a ‘must-have’ accessory for generations of business professionals and have even been the Presidents’ choice for signing legislation since the 1970s. With dependability, durability and original design the Cross hallmarks, these pens will provide the ultimate platform for your own brand message so that it makes a lasting impression. An ideal choice for thoughtful gifts to motivate, congratulate, reward and appreciate customers and employees.

Branded Cross pens.

We offer a wide range of Cross pens; from classic styles to modern designs, there’s something for everyone. Committed to the concept of a great writing experience, Cross pens combine stunning colours, unique finishes and innovative designs that are a pleasure to both look at and use.

Our range of Cross pens can be engraved or printed with your company logo, text or artwork. By placing your identity onto a Cross pen you’ll be associating your brand with an enduring product renowned for meeting the highest standards of quality.