How can I get a Moleskine notebook personalised for individual recipients?

Conveying values of quality, culture and creativity, Moleskine is known as the global leader in the stationery market. Infused with heritage and with an eye towards the modern world, the brand is one that many other businesses wish to be associated with and hence is a popular choice for corporate gifting.

Give your team or clients a Moleskine notebook and they will immediately know how much you value them, as well as your own reputation. But how do you make that deep personal connection with your recipients that all corporate buyers crave?

The answer is to make it uniquely personal – add the recipient’s name to it, or even send them a personal message. But just how can you do that?

There are three main ways to have a Moleskine notebook personalised:

1. The Cover Design

We have several different print techniques that allow you to add names or initials to the covers of your Moleskine notebooks: debossing, foil printing and UV digital printing.

With a deboss the names will be sleek and subtle as they are indented into the cover, whilst a foil print will stand out more  – how much depends on the colour you opt for, and it doesn’t have to be metallic. [Head to the bottom of this page if you’d like to see the production process of foil printing initials to a notebook].

Adding the names by UV printing would be recommended if the rest of your cover design is being printed that way, as the names can be included as part of the cover print process – saving you cost.

Personalised Moleskine notebooks with a deboss and foil of initials

A sapphire blue Moleskine notebook shown with initials debossed (left) and foil printed (right)

Adding names to the Moleskine notebook with a UV digital printer

These Moleskine notebooks were turned into clapper boards using a UV print – individuals names were included as the ‘director’ on each one.


When including names on the front cover it’s important to think about the typeface carefully. If you have brand guidelines that may dictate what you need to use, but if not, think about the overall look you’re going for.

Firstly, the type needs to be consistent with the style of your artwork and secondly it needs to convey the right impression – a classic type will denote tradition whilst a newer one will create a more modern feel.


2. Attach custom belly bands

If you’re looking for a really budget friendly way to add an element of unique personalisation to your branded notebooks, then belly bands are the answer.

Wrapped round the Moleskine notebooks, they can contain short messages to the recipient in addition to their name.

Belly bands can be particularly suitable for when your branded Moleskine notebooks are being given to people at an event, as, for example, they can be put on a reception table at a seminar for people to find along with their name badge, or could double as place settings if put on dinner tables at an award ceremony.

Digitally printed personalised bellyband

A personalised belly band and foil printed initials on a Moleskine.

As our belly bands are digitally printed in full colour you can be as creative as you like with them and incorporate brand visuals and colours into the design, along with the names and/or message.


3. Add bespoke page inserts

If you really want to reach out on a personal level, then we can add page inserts into the front of your custom notebooks for you. The full-page area is completely yours to design and with all that space you can communicate a more meaningful message to the recipient than simply adding their name.

Thank them for their hard work, tell them how your product is going to solve their specific problems or simply crack a personal joke to help cement an existing relationship – the options are numerous. And as the page is digitally printed in full colour, you can incorporate imagery and colours to make the page ‘on brand’ too.

Our production team are masters at seamlessly inserting the pages so that they look like they are part of the notebooks original make up – meaning it looks like you have had books made especially for the recipient.

Moleskine notebook with a personalised page insert.

A unique page insert with a message of to the recipient.


So, there you go, that’s how you can get a Moleskine notebook personalised! You could combine options of course, for example debossing the recipient’s initials on the front cover and then having a page inside with a personal message.

And if you didn’t want the individuals name incorporated into your notebook design, you could alternatively keep the Moleskine notebook just for your brand messaging and personalise the gift box you present it in.

If you want any advice about the options available to you then just call us on +44 (0)1303 720700 and one of our team will be happy to talk through your ideas.

If you’re a fan of ‘how it’s done’ videos you can watch Charmaine in our production department foil print initials onto a Moleskine below.