Why do happiness and productivity go hand in hand?

With 20th March being the annual ‘UN International Day of Happiness‘, we thought we’d take a moment to explore why businesses should care about happiness.

Whilst the United Nations believes that “progress” should be about increasing human happiness and wellbeing, not just growing the economy, focussing on increasing happiness does in fact deliver an economic boost, as research has shown that happy people are more productive (by as much as 13%!)

But just why is there a correlation between happiness and productivity?


This year the UN is encouraging us to be mindful, grateful and kind every day, so that we can create a happier and more connected world.


1. Positive emotions enhance creativity & cognitive functioning.

When we’re in a positive mood, our brains are more open to new ideas and we’re better able to think creatively. We’re also more focused and primed to problem solve and make better decisions. All of this can lead to increased productivity as we come up with more efficient or innovative ways to complete tasks.


2. Happiness boosts motivation.

People who are happy tend to be more engaged and therefore more productive. They will be invested in their work and put in extra effort to achieve their goals. This boost in motivation means that tasks get completed to the best of people’s abilities as they strive to excel.


3. Happiness builds better relationships.

Happy people tend to have better relationships with their co-workers and managers, which can lead to greater collaboration and more effective teamwork. This can help people be more productive in their work, as they can work more efficiently and effectively with others.


4. Improved well-being flows from happiness.

Happy people tend to experience better physical health, less stress, and more resilience. These factors can all contribute to better productivity in the workplace, as people are better able to manage stress, take on challenges that arise and maintain their energy levels throughout the day.


A good employer should want to promote their team’s happiness and well-being irrespective of any return they get for doing so, but when you look at how closely linked happiness and productivity are, it also makes complete business sense to do so.

Do you regularly check up on your team’s happiness levels? Do you do things to encourage people to look after their well-being? Do you promote mindfulness and gratitude practices?

If not, start small. An easy first step would be to provide your employees with a Wellness Journal. With space for reflection, goal setting and gratitude practices, the journal helps users to achieve a balanced life.


We can have a batch of Wellness Journals with your logo on created to bring happiness and productivity to your team before you can say “UN International Day of happiness”!*


*Well, maybe not quite that quickly, but we’ll do them as fast as we can.