Monday, 20th January 2020

Sustainability is set to be big in business this year, and you’re probably already thinking about how you’re going the reflect that in your marketing activity. That includes promotional collateral. Sustainable promotional products are a great way to show existing and prospective customers that you’re as eco-conscious as they are, building a stronger relationship and creating a positive brand perception.

With that in mind, we thought you would appreciate recommendations for sustainable promotional products that will make the right lasting impression for you in 2020. Here’s our top four, based on uniqueness and true eco-credentials:

1) Engraved metal straws

Save the planet in style, one sip at a time, by giving your customers or staff personalised metal straws.

The Metal Straw Company can engrave metal straws with your company name and offer straws in lots of fun colours – including rainbow pearlescent! They’re fun, useful and will make an eco-conscious statement for your brand. They make perfect giveaways at events. Attendees can pop them in their glasses on the night, and then keep them – being reminded of your company each time they reuse them.

rainbow coloured metal straws sustainable promotional products


2) Cupcakes with your logo on them

Okay, these probably won’t last as long as the other items on this list, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still make a lasting impression. Aside from their sweet aftertaste, recipients will remember you as the people that sent cupcakes. Everybody likes people that send cupcakes.

Eat My Logo have a tempting selection of iced biscuits, cupcakes, brownies and large cakes and each can be printed in edible ink with your logo. And because they’re baked on-site in Chorley, England, they carry low product miles (for UK customers) which helps to protect the environment.

The cherry on the cake is that baked goods are, arguably, one of the most zero-waste-qualifying sustainable promotional products on the market. You won’t need to worry about any of these tasty treats ending up in the bin!

eat my logo sustainable promotional products cupcakes with blue HP logo icing

3)A biodegradable notebook – the Eco Flexi notebook

You didn’t think we’d write a guide for sustainable promotional products and not include notebooks, did you?

Every professional finds a notebook useful. But this isn’t just any notebook. The Eco Flexi notebook is exceptionally eco-friendly with a 100% recyclable and biodegradable cover, no page marker or elastic closure (so nothing ends up in landfill should you choose to throw your notebook away after you’ve finished with it) and environmentally friendly paper inside. Even the glue used to stick it all together is plant-based.

Available in five colours and ideal for foil printing and UV digital printing, you’re certain to find something that works with your company logo and will benefit from its many sustainable associations.

sustainable promotional products infinity eco flexi notebooks in green and grey showing eco stamps of authority.


4) A customised reclaimed paper messenger bag

Any of Wren Design’s bags, wallets, iPad and laptop cases make stylish sustainable promotional products. They’re made from all manner of recycled materials including surplus cement and paper reel ends, but we’re particularly fond of their reclaimed paper messenger bag. It’s the perfect size for everyday use and is sprayed with an environmentally friendly protective coating to make it durable. We love the fact that it’s noticeably papery so it really makes a point about repurposing. Mixing style, sustainability and practicality, this ethical accessory is sure to make an impact with your clients.

A sustainable accessory like this would be well-received by creatives; alongside your printed company logo, they can doodle all over it to make a completely unique product!

sustainable promotional products reclaimed paper messenger bag in brown


Hopefully, these suggestions have inspired you to think outside the box when considering your choice of sustainable promotional products. As you can see, the choice of innovative, unique eco-friendly products on the market is expanding. Seize the opportunity to customise them and let prospective customers know you’re committed to sustainability.

Get in touch to speak to one of our friendly sales advisors about your options in branded eco-stationery for your clients or staff.