Tuesday, 7th January 2020

Walking into my new job I was hit with a sudden wave of nostalgia, through the excitement and nervousness.

It started at a young age. I remember it was film-related. There was a journalist, his hair ruffled, clothes unkempt, his eyes wild with curiosity and questions. He clutches a rumpled leather reporter pad in his hand, his pen poised at the ready. Words are exchanged, he scribbles something down, flips the cover and stuffs it into his pocket…

That’s it.

That’s all it took. A notebook addict was born.


©Copyright Universal Pictures.

A scene that was little more than a few frames and I was hooked. I couldn’t tell you what it was about that instance that started me on this journey, but it did. Cut to a month later and I’m begging my parents for a notebook (or at least the money to go and get one for myself) for my birthday.

It arrived and I tore the wrapping open, clutching the little piece of leather and paper to my chest as I imagine everything I could put in there! All the drawings, stories, thoughts and feelings that would pour from my soul onto those pages.

It startled me. Honestly. I suddenly felt this wave of responsibility fall upon my tiny shoulders. I had to do this little notebook justice and not fill it with nonsense, leaving pages blank or barely filled in. It would be much later in life that I was availed of this notion.

Throughout my years of writing, creating, drawing and thinking, I’ve found that a notebook is my best companion. Steadfast, reliable, versatile, it doesn’t need charging or a payment plan to allow for its continued use. It can go with you anywhere, always to hand if a little bolt of inspiration strikes or if simply need to write something down for later.

Plus, as I’m sure any notebook addict will tell you, there’s nothing like buying a fresh one. Oh, what joy! Crisp, clean pages, ready to be imprinted with anything your heart desires. By the end, they rarely stay in such good condition, however. You’ll find them dog-eared, spines slightly wrinkled, the pages filled with stories, notes, sketches. A badge of honour if you ask me.

There is a charming archaism about putting pen to paper (or pencils, for those less daring). Years of human history were recorded in notebooks and I can guarantee you, some of the greatest works of our time had their beginnings scribbled down in similar fashion.

So when I start my day at Noted In Style, great wooden shelves filled with branded notebooks of all colours and sizes, I don’t see products that need selling. I see the opportunity for the next great idea, work of art or literary epic.

Maybe all three if you’re really talented.


Written by Joe, sales advisor and project manager (and self-confessed notebook addict).