The average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime, so it’s important to make sure we are happy there. Hygge (the Danish word for a feeling of cosiness) enthusiasts Alexandra Gove and Koen Renwoude encourage us not to “think of your office space as a practical, mundane space (but) make it a comfortable, special haven where you are inspired and productive”. Small personal touches and fun desk accessories are a great way of inspiring this positive work environment – and can inspire us to keep our desks clutter-free and organised! So, with that in mind, these are our top tips for decorating your desk to improve your well-being at work:

1) Pick a theme.

A theme can make shopping for desk accessories a more focused exercise – and more fun! Maybe you have visions of a desk that oozes industrial chic with reclaimed wood in-tray and a stainless steel pen pot. Or you might want to use a particular colour to inform your choices – you can get as creative as you like with your desk decorating (within reason). Even something as simple as colour can have an effect on our mood; the colour green has been linked to enhanced creative thinking. According to environmental psychologist Sally Augustin PhD, its calming effect puts people in “the right sort of relaxed mental state” for work. If green isn’t for you though, there are plenty of other positive colours to choose from. Why not start a scrapbook or Pinterest board to collect your ideas before you begin adding to your shopping cart?

A laptop and notebook on a smooth wooden themed desk with desk accessories

2) Successful stationery.

Of course, you might not have the luxury of sitting in the same cosy spot every day – an agile working culture has resulted in the use of shared spaces for office workers recently. In this context, you will rely on some trusty desk accessories to maintain a sense of ownership over your work environment. Decorate whatever surface you’re given and take the essentials with you: your favourite Moleskine notebook and ballpoint pen can make you feel at home immediately. Even if you do sit at the same desk every day, taking some of your personalised stationery with you on days that are packed full of meetings will be a comfort, so you remain positive and productive on the go!


Can you spot our team member Holly’s rose gold desk theme? desk complete with branded company notebook and rose gold Lamy LX fountain pen.

3) Potted positivity.

Pop a small plant on your desk to improve your mood at work. Go for green, leafy plants because these help you remain calm at work, unlike spiky cacti, which evoke the opposite mood, and strong smelling flowers that will just distract you (we assume by making you sneeze). Some plants, like the Sansevieria, can even improve air quality in your office helping to ward off a stuffy and stale atmosphere, maintaining a motivational working climate.

Large green fern and desk accessories on desk next to desk chair

4) Illuminating desk accessories.

Natural light during the day is the best kind of light we can get – not only is it the most photogenic but it has health benefits, too! People with windows in their offices get better sleep at night, are less stressed and are generally more physically active than people who don’t have it. But in the absence of windows, the next best thing is a desk lamp you can turn on and off. This helps reduce eyestrain and simulates the natural light that you’re missing out on. We’ve found some particularly attractive lamps for you as a starting point.


5) Bring a smile to the office!

Bring in a photo of your favourite person, pet or a special holiday that you treasure – a small framed picture will keep you smiling when the workload gets heavy. Keep it in view; next to the phone or by your desk calendar and choose a frame that works with your theme to add a bit of colour to your workstation. Little touches like this add personality to your desk and remind you that there is life outside of work, reducing work-related stress. The act of bringing a touch of homeliness to our office spaces can have positive effects and improve motivation.

Selection of photos and desk accessories eye glasses and desk plant

Get in touch to speak to a member of our Sales team if you’d like to create a more comfortable and inspirational workspace by adding some personalised stationery to your team’s desks.