Let’s Face It…
January. It’s cold and dark, you’re thinking about the return to work and your over-indulgence has made you decide it’s the gym and salad for a month. None of this is inspiring, is it? You can bet that if you’re feeling deflated, your team will do too. So, time to re-train the brain and get motivated – a whole new year looms ahead and there’s lots to do. Keeping employee motivation levels high should be at the top of any leaders new year agenda, as a business is the people and its goals for 2017 won’t be reached with a lack lustre team.

January is a Month YOU Risk Losing Employees.
In terms of employees returning in the new year, most people fall into one of two categories; those who will turn up on the first day back and quickly and quietly revert to the same routine of last year, and those who return with a newfound zest for change as the new year brings new goals and ambitions. Both the disillusioned group that has lost their mojo and the goal driven set that wants to achieve something can easily become disengaged from the business and therefore if you do not take steps to read the signs and and apply motivational tools relevant to each groups needs, you risk losing them both. It’s no co-incidence that January is one of the busiest months for the recruitment industry. If you are responsible for a team of people, how can you ensure your team is engaged with your plan and motivated to help the business succeed in 2017?

Small Steps Can Create Big Returns in Employee Motivation.
Don’t panic – we’re not suggesting you need to audit your entire HR system and implement a whole new employee engagement plan! Start small. Sometimes it’s many small things that can make a big difference, and your ability to connect and engage with the people who are following your lead can be heavily influenced by these. In order to help you keep your team motivated for the start of this year, we’ve collated a list of effective, easy to implement tips to give you inspiration for the month ahead.

We’ll be sharing one tip and every work day in January via twitter (#MoreThanMondayMotivation) and will tell you why experts recommend it and what the benefits of it are via our Linked-in page.

more than monday motivation

Doing Something is Better Than Doing Nothing.
Not sure you’ll have the time and facilities to impliment a tip a day? Whilst we’d encourage you to try (they’re really not that hard!), doing any of these small things will be better than doing none at all. The future of your team really could depend on it. So why not take a clean page of your notebook, head it up as ‘More Than Monday Motivation’ and jot them down each day. By the end of the month you’ll have a nice list of small, cost effective actions you can take with your team. Even if you don’t get them all done in January, motivating your team should be a year long event, so there’s plenty more time to put the ones you miss this month to the test!