The colour grey – it’s underrated

We’re feeling rather pleased this week, as we are currently one of only a very few companies in the UK able to stock the new grey Moleskine classic A5 hardback notebook.

grey Moleskine notebooks

The first copies arrived in the office this morning and we really like the elegant feel of this mid grey colour, with its suggestion of sophistication and luxury.

Our new arrival got us thinking a little about the colour grey. It gets rather a bad press at this time of year, with many of us feeling grey, no doubt caused by too much cloud and lack of sunshine, but we’ve come to the conclusion it’s a very underrated colour.

El Greco

Two of the world’s greatest portrait artists, Rembrandt and El Greco, loved to use grey background colour schemes in order to bring out the delicate skin tones and vibrant costumes of their central figures. Modern day web designers have taken a tip from these Old Masters – grey is often used as a background to let other colour elements really come to the fore. It works well with almost every other colour and can be used to create subtle and not so subtle messaging. Combine grey with pink or soft pastel colours and you get a chic, feminine feel. Use it with orange and red to really make your colours zing.

Psychologists tell us that grey is a dignified colour, which carries authority. It is the colour of knowledge and wisdom (think Hercule Poirot’s ‘little grey cells’). In the animal kingdom, grey is the colour of choice for a number of animals wanting to blend into the background.

eastern screech owl

Grey has long been hugely popular on the fashion scene. In the 18th century it was a favourite colour for women’s dresses, giving silks and satins a beautiful luminous sheen. And who can resist the debonair charms of screen icons such as Cary Grant in his dapper grey suits?

Cary Grant

Before we get carried away, let’s get back to the new grey Moleskines. We’re currently holding stock of these hard-to-get notebooks, so contact us to place your order now before they are snapped up.

Written by Ellie.
A big fan of grey. And an even bigger fan of Cary Grant.