Never judge a book by it’s cover – personalised moleskine notebooks.
Screaming ‘LOOK AT US’ isn’t always the best option when deciding how to customise your notebooks. Here are a few pointers to ask yourself before you decide what works best for your customers or clients.

1. Who are your customers or clients and what is the message you need to get across to them?

2. What product will work best to get this message across?

3. Do you want the client to use the product? If ‘yes’ then keep in mind that 90% of people think ‘less is more’; if you use an overpowering, in-your-face notebook, the client could be cautious of using it. Not that there isn’t a place for  in-your-face notebooks, you just need to consider the best way to promote your message.

4. Finally which processes would best suit your design; cover debossing, hot foiling or digital full colour printing.

Mixing different finishes can create interesting and unusual results, creating a desirable branded item. Below is a customised a Moleskine notebook we created for our Christmas promotion and as you’ll see there is a mix of finishes used; to illustrate what is possible.

For our Christmas white Moleskine notebook we left the front cover untouched and added a translucent first page with colour print and a hot foiled silver. After the first 30 pages we inserted a red card page which when viewed on it’s side you can see. This card page was hot foiled and glued in and to some people’s surprise hides the cut-out that we made in the pages underneath. This cutout holds a winter spiced teabag in a custom pocket. To finish we added a Noted in Style logo deboss to the back cover – overall it’s not an eye catching book… until you look inside. Less can be more.

white moleskine notebook

translucent paper page insert

hot foiled red page

red strip in notebook

red foiled inserted page

red foiled page hides cutout

cutout of part of the notebook

spiced winter teabag sleeve

debossed back cover

For more information about customised notebooks or advice on what is possible, please contact us