A mix of traditional techniques were used on these lovely Leuchtturm1917 notebooks for Clarity. After first debossing the large, but highly intricate slogan (look for all the tiny dots in the text!) onto the centre of the book we the added a white foil print of Clarity and then a second grey (or pink) foil print to complete the word with the dot of the 'i'. Hat's off to our master foilers for getting the registration perfect on the foiling - as they had to be millimetre perfect on each book! These customised notebooks were completed with a full colour page inserted at the front. Who are Clarity? “Hi, we’re Clarity. An integrated marketing agency that provides the perfect balance of strategic and creative thinking to help our client partners gain real cut through and create engagement with their customers and teams. Made up of free thinkers, storytellers, creative spirits, wordsmiths, technocrats, the strategically driven and data junkies. We know that whether it’s brand strategy, digital, experiential, print, events and everything in-between, we have the right experience to deliver the beautifully effective solutions we’re known for.”