Always keen to develop new ideas and experiment with different applications we've been screen printing with UV ink that is only visible under ultra violet 'black light'. For our experimental, creative notebook we first debossed an A5, hardback, white Castelli Tucson notebook with the Land Rover logo before screen printing a jungle exploration design around the edges of the cover with UV ink. The screen printed artwork features an illustration of a Range Rover being revealed through the foliage and plays on the 'Go Beyond' concept seen in print adverts. To complement the cover branding we added printed pages to the front of the journal. The first page was a translucent 'Zander' stock with a silver foil print on, which overlaid the next full colour printed page, allowing the coloured page design to show through. To appreciate the branded notebook you need to have a black light torch to hand, so we therefore designed and produced a bespoke black gift box to hold the notebook and torch as a set. Talk to us today about creating a unique, branded gift and/or bespoke packaging with hidden messages for your event.