What’s so special about getting a Moleskine notebook branded? 5 reasons why it’s the perfect corporate gift.

It’s one of life’s greatest questions (in the stationery world at least). What’s so special about the Moleskine notebook? And more specifically, why would I want to get a Moleskine notebook branded for my company?

Let us run through 5 reasons why Moleskine is a beloved brand and makes a popular choice as a corporate gift.

A moleskine pocket, classic and XL notebook with a moleskine book of Bruce Chatwin's "The Songlines".

Pocket, Classic and XL Moleskine notebooks with a Moleskine pen and a special moleskine edition of Bruce Chatwin’s “The Songlines”.

1. If you get a Moleskine notebook branded for your company, you are automatically attaching their rich heritage and values to your brand.

Paris saw the first flicker of the origin of the Moleskine brand, where pocket-sized notebooks, covered in leather or oilskin, were first sold by 19th-century Parisian stationers and used by artists and authors such as Van Gogh, Picasso and Hemingway. However, it was the bustling streets of Milan that birthed the notebook in the form we know today, taking its’s name from Bruce Chatwin’s naming of his Paris notebooks as ‘moleskines’ in his 1987 book The Songlines. With strong ties to the fashion capital, Moleskine has continued to be a favourite amongst creative thinkers.  It’s a truth universally acknowledged that there’s something special about owning a Moleskine, knowing that you someday may join the prestigious line of greats that used the notebook as an outlet for their creative pursuits. That same prestigious  association would be attached to your business if you were to get a Moleskine notebook branded for your company… who wouldn’t want that prestige?

To find out more about the brand’s rich heritage, read on our article Moleskine history: building a legendary brand.


2. Moleskine is synonymous with quality.

The lightweight paper so characteristic of Moleskine means quick drying ink – no more of those dreaded smudges that obscure your extra important notes. The paper is made in China, where it once originated in the 2nd century. Rich with history, it’s suited to a variety of media and comes in a warm ivory colour, a favourite with its recipients. But there’s more to Moleskine quality than just its paper. It doesn’t matter how many you’re ordering, you’ll always get the same high quality Moleskine finish across the whole batch  – and inside every notebook is a quality control sticker, standing as a testament to this consistency. When it comes to branded stationery, you know you’re in good hands if you decide to get a Moleskine notebook branded.


Moleskine notebooks Classic, Pocket and XL with squared, lined, dotted and plain paper.

Various Moleskine notebooks of different sizes with squared, lined, dotted and plain paper.


 3. There’s a variety of Moleskine styles available to suit every need.

Maybe you’re an eco-conscious office and want to minimise your impact on the environment – there’s a Moleskine Cahier for that (recyclable from the inside to the outside cardboard covers, they’re a win for sustainability). Perhaps your team are designers and require lots of space for larger scale sketches and notes – there’s a Moleskine XL for that. Maybe you’re concerned that your clients may view anything bigger than handheld as cumbersome and might prefer something more portable – there’s a Moleskine classic pocket notebook for that. Perhaps your staff prefer a soft, flexible notebook that won’t tear the seams of their bag – there’s a softcover Moleskine for that. You get the idea! If you’re looking to get a Moleskine notebook branded for your company, there are a variety of types to suit your individual wants and needs, so you’re bound to find something!

Various Moleskine notebooks in different colours and different sizes.

Moleskine notebooks are available in various formats, from the classic to the cahier.


4. Looking to stand out? Moleskine notebooks are available in a range of colours if you want to stray away from black.

You most likely know about the classic black – the favourite with prominent wordsmiths and creatives that Moleskine is most commonly associated with. But over the years Moleskine has evolved, whilst remaining, classically Moleskine. If you’re looking for something a little bit different to represent your company and don’t want to opt for the corporate classics of black, navy, or red, there are a variety of colours available to choose from. Moleskine produces a series of notebooks in on trend colours every new year – perfect for those who are looking to get a Moleskine notebook branded and want to remain en vogue, so to speak.



5. It’s suitable for all branding techniques, meaning that you can get your Moleskine notebook branded whatever way you wish!

We can create the perfect branded Moleskine notebook for YOU. Whether you’re interested in traditional hand debossing, hot foiling, screen printing or full colour UV digital printing, the Classic Moleskine notebook can accommodate a variety of techniques allowing you to materialise your branding vision in notebook form. But there’s more, the customisation is not just applicable to the covers…you can also include page inserts if you’re looking to create the ultimate promotional product full with marketing elements. Just have a look below at what we have done for previous clients!


Foil print, digital print, deboss, uv print, belly band, page insert

Moleskine is suitable for all branding techniques.

Interested? If you want to get your Moleskine notebook branded in style, get in touch with us today.