opening and closing of Stripe OLT staff gift sets

The Challenge.  

Over the past six months cloud and cybersecurity specialists, Stripe OLT, adapted and developed their service offerings in order to meet the demands of an ever-changing business environment. They felt it was therefore time to update their visual identity too, to ensure it represented who they are and what they do.

The challenge was how to generate interest and engagement with the rebrand internally when, due to COVID, a launch event wasn’t possible, and the team were all working remotely.



Stripe OLT gift sets

Every item inside the staff gift set was branded with the new Stripe OLT identity, as was the gift box itself.


The Solution.

As the whole team were working from home, this presented a unique opportunity to surprise (and delight!) everyone at the same time by sending them staff gift boxes containing branded products that they could make the most of in their new home-working environment.

A notebook, pen and mug are likely to be kept on a desk, in eyesight and used daily  – making them perfect carriers of a new identity. To maximise the personal connection to the brand and let people know the company was thinking of them, the mugs had the individuals’ names added to them, as well as the new identity.

Presented as a beautifully packaged staff gift sets (with a few luxury chocolates hidden inside the mug as an extra sweet surprise!) the mail out became more than just a brand communication exercise; it was a simultaneous way of showing employee appreciation during this difficult time.


Inside of the Stripe OLT staff gift boxes

The staff gift set contained a notebook, pen, mug filled with chocolates and a custom printed gift card.


The Results.

A surprised and delighted team that feel valued and are committed to and excited about the company’s future – and we all know that’s a recipe for success.

Again, I just want to reiterate what a success the gift boxes were and how much everyone loved them – and to thank you for your wonderful customer service

Orla Edwards, Executive Assistant, Stipe OLT.


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