Our top 3 sustainable Christmas corporate gifts for 2019

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about what Christmas corporate gifts to give to clients and employees this year.

Presents are fun, but with the recent changes in our views towards needless consumerism and sustainability, it doesn’t feel right to be buying and giving away what amounts to, well, more ‘stuff’.

Stuff gets thrown away after its novelty has worn off. Stuff clogs up the environment. People hate stuff.

Thankfully, it is possible to gift sustainably. You just need to choose the right products. If you choose items that are useful, recyclable and made from durable materials that will last, then you’ll have ticked all the right boxes.

These are our three most popular environmentally friendly choices for Christmas corporate gifts:

1) A refillable Lamy Pur fountain pen with engraved initials

The Lamy PUR Fountain pen  is made from hard-wearing aluminium, so it will last long after Christmas, making it not only an ideal choice for memorable gift-giving, but also an eco-friendly option. When most disposable plastic pens will up in landfill after running out of ink, this metal Lamy pen can be refilled and stick aroundon desks for years to come.

A German-made product, these pens don’t have far to travel either, in comparison to other pen brands that are based outside of Europe. The low mileage involved in its journey from production to users’ desks reduces their impact on the environment.

Silver Lamy Pur fountain pen with 'TS' engraved on the lid, in a gift box with decorations and 'surprised' hand gesture.

As far as stationery-based gifts go, we really don’t think there is anything more special than a beautiful pen with your name or initials on it.


2) A personalised Luxury Radnor refillable leather journal

A debossed or foil printed Luxury Radnor Refillable Leather Journal is a Christmas corporate gift that will keep on giving. Its longevity makes it one of our most sustainable products.

As it’s refillable, recipients can top it up infinitely (and can even choose to do so with recycled paper notebooks) and the durable genuine leather it’s made from means it will last a lifetime. Unlike many other materials, leather ages beautifully, developing a patina over time. Leather itself is by-product of the meat industry, so by repurposing it into a journal it minimises the waste involved.

All of our leathers are sourced in Europe, and we make the journals at our workshop in the UK, so the entire process involves minimal mileage.

The Radnor even comes with its own gift box which can also be branded, and nothing says ‘Happy Christmas’ better than a beautifully packaged parcel.


A versatile product, the Radnor can be debossed or foil printed (as Honey Interior Design chose to, above) and you can choose three small notebooks or a hardback Moleskine Classic notebook to go inside depending on your recipients’ tastes.


3) A branded diary

Useful for an entire year’s worth (and sometimes longer if you opt for an 18-month format) of appointments, meetings and other important events, a diary is designed to last longer than most other Christmas corporate gifts. Paper is one of the most recycled products in the world so even when it’s fulfilled its purpose at end of the year, the inner pages of your diary can be removed and recycled, keeping wastage low.

We’ve got a big selection for you to choose from, add your branding to and send off in time for Christmas – we can even make bespoke diaries for you right here in the UK (meaning extremely low product miles for a healthier environment).



It goes without saying that all of the above gifts should be branded to give them the personal touch. If you need help on deciding how to brand them, take a look at our guide to personalising your corporate gifts for Christmas.

Or, get in touch to speak to one of our helpful advisors who can help you, and get your order placed in time for the festive season.