There’s no doubt that promotional marketing products get your business noticed.


According to industry research, 88% of people say they remember brands better if they’re sent a promotional product – and you can also boost your chances of landing new customers by 83% by giving them a promotional product. 

In a business landscape that’s fast becoming digital-first, items that we can feel and hold are still as appealing as ever – and that includes branded notebooks.

Whether you’re buying for an upcoming event or conference, are looking for thoughtful corporate gifts or need stand-out branded products for your team, below are four reasons why customised notebooks could be your company’s secret marketing weapon.


1 Notebooks are packed with branding potential

When it comes to promotional marketing products, it’s crucial to include your logo and strapline. But whereas most products can feel encumbered by awkward advertising placement, branded notebooks can convey a lot more of your unique brand or product without jeopardising the look and style of the product. Here are some of the ways our skilled Noted in Style team have you covered:

Belly bands: A temporary belly band wrapped around the outer cover of a notebook is a great way to highlight an event or date without rendering the notebook irrelevant after that event. This can also be a budget-friendly way of individually personalising high quality promotional marketing products, by putting a unique personal message to each recipient on them.


Covers: Front and back covers make a perfect canvas for a logo or artwork. Inside covers can also be branded, for example with a URL, strapline or contact details.

Page inserts: Full-colour page inserts in the front and/or back of the notebook are a way to share more detailed information about your company, product or event, and are especially useful at conferences as they can provide a specific agenda or timetable as well as a place to take notes.


Limited edition notebooks were customised with page inserts for a Tanqueray product launch event.


Fully bespoke notebooks: As well as choosing the cover colour, finish and materials, the pages of a bespoke notebook (also known as book blocks) can be custom-printed, perhaps with corner logos or in a planner style to show company-specific events.


2 Notebooks are useful promotional marketing products

One survey by the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) listed ‘usefulness’ as the top quality that makes the perfect promotional marketing product – which means notebooks are often genuinely welcomed and are likely to be kept and re-used multiple times.

Despite being surrounded by tech, most of us still enjoy the experience of writing – and the growth in designer stationery brands proves that the world continues to have a soft spot for writing.

Jotting things down is the quickest and simplest way to stay organised with a to-do list. Many of us want to record our thoughts or feelings at the beginning or end of the day – and there’s a definite collective trend in trying to swipe, click and scroll less, going back to basics with good old-fashioned pen and paper.

It turns out that writing by hand has some pretty positive brain benefits, too. Think improved motor skills, memory, calmness and even creativity for starters.


3 Promotional notebooks keep working hard for your brand

Research suggests that promotional marketing products tend to last the distance, with 81% of people using or keeping a promotional item for a year or more.

Notebooks can offer an almost-endless product life. With content pages for a filing system, our Leuchtturm notebooks can be kept as reference once full. And refillable products like our Classic Radnor Refillable Leather Journal boast extra longevity, lasting for as long as you want to use them!


The Luxury Radnor Refillable Leather Journal is a client gift from Honey Interior Design that recipients will keep for a long time.


In a competitive landscape where businesses compete with each other for potential clients’ attention, promotional marketing products, such as customised notebooks, can act as powerful brand advocates when they’re taken to meetings and conferences.

Creative agency Born + Raised recently commissioned Noted in Style to produce some beautiful bespoke notebooks for them to send to clients. Now, when those notebooks are taken to the clients’ own external meetings, they extend the reach of the Born + Raised brand.


Branded Moleskine notebooks were included in Born + Raised re-brand gift sets for employees – read more about them here.

As Managing Director, Andy Weir, says: “They’re useful – everybody loves a nice notebook. It’s a great way to keep our brand front of mind with our clients and prospects.”


4 Paper products can help you meet green goals

With climate crisis making more and more headlines, businesses are looking to improve their sustainability – for ethical reasons as well as to boost their brand.

Paper is a truly natural, renewable and sustainable product and notebooks have strong environmental credentials; over 72% of paper in Europe is recycled, making it one of the most recycled of all materials.

All our book blocks can be recycled, and our range includes notebooks made with recycled materials (the cover material of the Kraft notebooks is recycled brown kraft card, for example).

We also supply notebooks with recycled leather covers, and the Appeel eco-friendly notebooks from Castelli are even made from apple peel and vegetable fibres.


The eco-friendly Appeel notebook was the perfect choice for Tapestry Research, who wanted to transform their office into one that considered the environment.

When it comes to choosing notebooks as promotional marketing products for your business, peace of mind comes from knowing that the paper comes from a good place, too. We use paper made from well-managed forests and choose quality suppliers with sound environmental standards.


Promotional marketing products are the write stuff.

It’s clear that good things can happen when you get your business’ name into your audience’s hands, and the customised notebooks our team specialises in at Noted in Style give a great return on your marketing investment.

Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, these high quality notebooks show your unique brand at its very best. It may just be time to put pen to paper…

To find out more about our handcrafted bespoke notebooks (as well as other stationery and packaging), call or email the Noted in Style team.