Make A Note….on something other than a notebook!

I think you’ll probably know by know (if you’ve spent any amount of time on our website or social media accounts) that we LOVE notebooks – branded notebooks especially. We’re pretty big fans of personalised pens too, but in the interest of being a little more open-minded about things we’ve had a go at compiling our top 5 notebook alternatives to make a note on, scrawl inspirational or motivational quotes on or even just have a doodle on that work just as well as the humble Moleskine or Leuchtturm notebook, perhaps even better:

1) Tattooed on your body

Instead of lugging around your to-do list in a notebook, why not take the much easier route and make a note in a tattoo on your arm instead? Generally speaking, you’re much less likely to forget your arm than your notebook. Not enough space for a long enough list? Simply spend a few months in the gym to increase your area size.

tattooed arm to make a note

2) Written in condensation

All you’ll need to make a note here is a window in a post-shower bathroom or a bus jam-packed with sweaty commuters. Oh, and a finger-pen. Not the best option for anything confidential but very good for building up the immune system. Make sure to get a seat upstairs at the front for maximum writing space.

condensation used to make a note

3) Composed as a catchy song

Don’t worry, they’re not annoying at all. Let’s not waste paper and ink writing on a notepad, simply make a note in a song including all of the information you need to remember and commit it to memory. How about singing your notes to the tune of a favourite song? Minutes from this morning’s meeting would sound so much better sung to the tune of Don’t Stop Believin’!

song music book to make a note

4) Traced out with a sparkler

A nighttime option – it could potentially be difficult to source a writing implement after the 5thof November but you’re sure to have people ooh-ing and ahh-ing every time you make a note. NB: also requires gloves and a reasonably short message.

sparkler text to make a note

5) Written in graffiti 

Instead of carrying around an unwieldy notebook and pen, how about a much more manageable can of spray paint? Not only is this a much simpler method of recording information, it also makes you look quite cool. Well, until you get caught that is. Bonus: if you’re Banksy, you won’t get arrested for vandalism.

graffiti words to make a note

There you have it –  five fantastic ideas to make a note somewhere other than in a branded notebook. Our work here is done.*

*Just kidding, these suggestions are all pretty awful, apart from maybe the catchy song?! Personalised, branded notebooks are not only a MUCH better way of recording and writing your thoughts and notes but they also help reinforce your brand identity and are a fantastic gift for your VIP clients and hardworking staff. Talk to us today about creating something special for your next event!