The dictionary definition of doodling is to “scribble absentmindedly” but here at Noted In Style we know doodling is so much more than that. Let’s not dismiss these miniature works of art as ‘just’ doodles but appreciate them as a fun activity anyone can do which may well make us more productive, more focused and perhaps a little happier too.

Improving Your Ability to Process Information.

Whilst doodling is an activity commonly linked with boredom or lack of attentiveness, it might actually increase our absorption of data. A study by the School of Psychology at the University of Plymouth in 2009 reached the conclusion that doodling improved people’s ability to remember information by almost 30%. You know the saying, you can’t see the wood for the trees? Well apparently, doodling helps us focus on the wood rather than getting lost in the trees. So next time you see someone doodling away during a corporate meeting or conference, don’t assume they’re not listening, they may well be the person getting the most out of the presentation.

Focus on the wood - not just th trees doodle

Seeing the full picture: doodling helps focus on the wood, not just the (palm) trees – our designer’s doodling reveals a vivid imagination!

Relieving Stress in the Workplace.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed and anxious about something? Art therapists say creating ANY form of art will help to decrease stress, in fact a study in 2016 showed decreased levels of cortisone (the stress hormone) in three quarters of the study participants following a 45 minute creative session. Trying to manage a stressed out workforce? You might like to plan some activities to get their creative juices flowing – you just might see some positive changes taking place.

Creativity Makes Us Happier.

Creating stuff in any form is a sure-fire way to cheer everyone up. Even something as simple as a two minutes of sketching while you’ve been put on hold during a phone call could go some way towards turning your happiness dial up to 11 (this is a spinal tap reference – too niche?!). Charles Schulz said “the joy is in the playing” and we agree wholeheartedly.

Need Some Creative Inspiration?

We’re a creative bunch at the Noted in Style office so don’t necessarily need direction when it comes to the question of what to doodle, but in case you need a helping hand, here’s a few tips from us to get you started:

  1. Don’t take it too seriously! You don’t have to be good at drawing to be a good doodler. Doodling is about enthusiasm, not skill (please see our teams doodles below!)
  2. Choose your writing implement with care. Everyone has a favourite doodling pen, right? Current office favourites include the Lamy Safari Rollerball pen which come in an inspiring rainbow of colours and makes a strong, bold line.
  3. Loosen up a little, get a bit squiggly. You don’t have to draw a thing, you might like to draw some shapes or wavy lines – that’s okay.
  4. Make sure you’ve got something nice to doodle on. Don’t get caught out without a canvas for your work of art – grab your Moleskine notebook and get scribbling!
  5. Get inspired. Check out the man who lives and breathes doodling, Mr Doodle aka The Doodle Man – but try not to start drawing on the walls if you can help it.

Customised, Branded Notebooks

If you’re an employer looking at ways to combat stress and increase focus in the workplace how about treating your valuable employees to a special canvas to encourage doodling – some debossed notebooks featuring your company logo maybe? That way you may well increase workflow, promote a relaxed atmosphere and brighten up everyone’s day whilst also reinforcing your brand. Why not go the whole hog and select a matching customised pen to go with the book so your staff have all the scribbling tools they need? Contact us today to discuss the best options for your brand.

We’d like to encourage everyone to shake off their inhibitions, put pen to paper and get doodling! Why not show us your creations via social media? You can tweet us & tag us in your Instagram photos @notedinstyle. You can see some of our teams day to day doodles below!

faces doodle

Between selling to clients there’s always time for some character doodling.

flower doodle

Whilst pondering your marketing strategy why not decorate the endleaf of your book with flowers?

hug a cactus! doodle

Sometimes a doodle can just help you express your feelings – we won’t say which team member’s doodle this is!