After seven years of successful business in an ever-changing industry, creative agency Born + Raised – formerly known as We Are Branding – decided a new image was in order. It was time to change things to better reflect who they are today and who they will be in the future (hence the new name); an agency with a refreshed focus and a clearer idea of exactly what they bring to the table. On this occasion, they were quite literally bringing something special to the table – a gift set for clients of theirs, containing some all-important branded notebooks.

Branded notebooks are a helpful tool when launching a re-brand.

Ensuring a flawless re-brand is no easy task – something that the Born + Raised team and managing director Andy Weir know all too well, having dedicated over 12 months to this one, and we were delighted they chose to work with Noted in Style to help them with it. For a company who find themselves knee-deep in creative waters on a daily basis, it goes without saying that they were going to do this in a suitably interesting way; beautiful gift boxes filled with goodies, amongst which sit a trio of branded notebooks. And why notebooks? Weir answers “because they’re useful – everybody loves a nice notebook…it was a great way to keep our brand front of mind with our clients and prospects” reminding us of the impact a branded product with a purpose can have. Yes, once branded a notebook can look stunning just sitting on a desk, but its destiny is to be written in and every time you reach for its closed covers you are reminded of whatever message is emblazoned across it.

branded notebooks-born-and-raised-gift-pack

A triptych of three carefully chosen branded notebooks.

We imagine recipients lifting the lids of their boxes with the excitement you might associate with toddlers on Christmas morning (albeit a suitably professional version), eyes widening with glee as they reveal each layer. A stunning triptych of branded A5 Moleskine Cahiers sit in a gold foil printed, sleek, black lidded box. The notebooks are flanked by a matte black branded pencil, beautifully crafted card literature and a letter from the company owner. The pack is finished with an eye-catching pop of colour from the powder blue business card which sits at the top of the mountain of treasures.

Handcrafted products that do all the talking. 

Managing Director Andy Weir explains that “as a creative agency it was essential that when it came to the launch of our brand, we had to select the finest product which represented the quality of our work”. Their choice of the Moleskine Cahier notebook, a product synonymous with high quality and prominence, reflects this precisely. Its flawlessly smooth card cover, visible neatly thread-sewn spine and sleek rounded corners strike a balance between luxury and modesty, reinforcing and complementing the overall brand values of Born + Raised. The classic but simple typeface used allows the rich product beneath to garner an equal amount of attention, and by finishing the words in shimmering gold foil print, we’ve added a touch of the all-important ‘magic’ literally alluded to on the Kraft colour book, without overwhelming the overall outfit. The notebooks got a positive reception with, according to Weir, “lots of people still talk(ing) about them” months after the launch, showing that good quality stock can really pack a punch when it comes to communicating distinctive brand identity.

branded notebooks-moleksine-cahier-born-raised

We really enjoyed collaborating with the team at Born + Raised on these, and just love seeing the branded products we lovingly handcrafted help make such an impact for them. Re-branding can be a risky business but with their honest and straightforward approach, Born + Raised have hit the nail on the head.


If you’re in need of some brand boosting notebooks or would like to discuss entire sets of branded products for an upcoming event, please get in touch and speak to a member of our team.