Case Study: Branded Packaging for Rieder gets us Thinking Outside the Box

Branded packaging that isn’t all it seems.

A box’s contents are an unknown entity; there could be anything in there. A lot of the time we’re asked to tuck a notebook and pen within our packaging, as it’s a favoured and stylish choice of the corporate gift sector. Which is why, when we were approached by award-winning Austrian concrete panels supplier Rieder about producing boxes for their own products, we were particularly intrigued.

Sure enough, these architectural innovators had a different plan for one of our most popular branded packaging products, the Moleskine Classic Deep Traycase. Tasked with finding a functional and aesthetic way to package sample tiles of their glassfibre reinforced concrete panels and printed cards exhibiting a portfolio of their impressive work for architects, Franziska Leitner of Rieder’s Marketing and Graphic Design department commented that by opting for these elegant branded tray cases “it was possible to show both in a really appealing way”, due to its spacious capacity for multiple objects.

Rieder branded tray case packaging

Rieder included their concrete panel samples & portfolio cards within branded tray cases.

laborating to get beautiful results that clients are delighted with. 

Using their structure and design nouse, and our expert knowledge of branded packaging, the collaborative effort of both the client and ourselves made for a smooth and successful journey. They cut their tiles and printed their cards to the exact dimensions of our tray, so that they would fit snuggly inside, uniquely making the packaging product work for them rather than the other way around.

The choice to work with Noted in Style on this project seemed to have been an easy decision, according to Franziska – one that was based on the fact that our tray cases “simply had the best quality”. And we have to admit, the results were stunning.

Although available in a wide range of colours and with multiple branding options, Rieder stayed on a sleek and sophisticated contemporary theme that was true to their brand image. The tray and sleeves were made using 350 gsm Colorplan card in Ebony from GF Smith.  The Rieder logo was then foil printed onto the sleeve in a matte black foil, resulting in an understated yet deluxe look; perfectly reflecting the calibre of the company.

Rieder branded packaging portfolio

Rieder’s choice for their tile and portfolio cards: a tray case made from GF Smith Colorplan card with matte black foil print to the sleeve.

The possibilities of packaging are endless.

This project reminded us that luxury packaging shouldn’t only be thought of for gifts, even industrial items are well served by customised packaging. In fact, it may even have more of an impact in such situations, as it’s particularly unexpected. We were so delighted that a client had seen the potential to utilise a packaging product that we already offered for a purpose we hadn’t considered, that we haven’t stopped imagining creative uses for some of our other items since…

…it is okay to put a puppy in a gift bag, isn’t it?

Ps. Did you know we also create bespoke boxes and bags, for when nothing we already offer quite hits the spot. Speak to a team member today to discuss your ideas.

A5 Blue Pink Moleskine Deep Tray Case branded packaging

The box that Reider chose: the A5 Moleskine Deep Tray case. Suitable to hold multiple items, it’s ideal for gift sets.