It’s official; the jumper-clad cosiness of Winter has officially set in. While it may be a little too early to bring out the mulled wine and mince pies (more’s the pity), it certainly isn’t too previous to get cracking on your seasonal gift buying.

This year we thought we’d play the part of helpful Santa’s Elves and keep you ahead of the game by giving you our top six seasonal gifting tips to make sure you delight the recipients and make a lasting impression – after all, you’ve got to maximise that return on investment!

1. Only choose gifts you would be happy to own yourself.
If you find yourself wanting to keep a present for you, then they are probably going to love it. Just maybe don’t force your favourite shade of shocking pink on everyone. And if you needed a starting point, to our knowledge no one has ever complained about receiving a branded Moleskine notebook and the new Leuchtturm Metallic notebooks have twinkled their way onto our website just in time for Christmas! (There’s also nothing to stop you sneaking one for yourself into the order…)

Leuchtturm Metallic notebooks - perfect for seasonal gift buying

2. The best promotional products are the ones that your recipients will use daily and will find useful for work.
Chocolate and spirits are tasty and everyone loves them but they won’t make it to tomorrow, let alone into the New Year! When doing your seasonal gift buying choose products that are going to sit on desks, get slung into bags and then pulled out in cafés for a good portion of 2018, like our range of weekly and daily diaries.

3. Make your corporate gifts personal.
Make it personal – add names, messages or key information. Our page inserts for notebooks are a perfect for this – each recipient can get their own personal message, so no two gifts are the same. Page inserts with a cheery seasonal message printed on them or Christmas themed belly bands wrapped around notebooks like big festive ribbons can’t help but make recipients smile. Lovely!

4. Keep any company branding subtle.
It’s a time to thank your clients, employees and VIPs so make sure this is clear when you consider your design. If your logo largely overshadows their name or your festive message, then your well-intended sentiment might get missed.

5. Don’t forget the bespoke packaging.
A well-wrapped gift shows you really care what the recipient thinks – and there are lots of options out there to keep things simple for you, so it doesn’t involve hours of cutting and sticking! Take a look at our selection of boxes and bags for attractive and efficient packaging solutions. Doesn’t a gift bag with ribbon handles look like it was made just for Christmas?

Beautiful gift packaging ideas to elevate your season gift giving










6. Consider the timing of your business gifts.
Once you’ve decided what you’re going to give, it’s all about timing. Having spoken to our clients in the past, we’ve learnt that it’s a good idea to either get in early before the festivities start  (especially if you have an event date to work to) or to plan your desk drop in advance for the New Year when people return, refreshed and focused for the year ahead – your corporate gifts will be a welcome start to 2018!

Happy seasonal gift buying!