It’s Fountain Pen Day today, an entire day dedicated to one style of pen – so it seems a suitable time to list all the things we love about them.

A good scribble session can be a welcome break from hours of screen staring and key tapping. You’re reminded of the sensory satisfaction that comes with putting pen to paper, and letting your thoughts flow down the inky barrel and onto the paper sponge of your notebook. The King of pens for this kind of therapy is of course the fountain pen.

There is probably nothing else quite like listening to the persistent scratching sound of its nib as it etches words, or watching the glistening globules of opaque liquid as they are sucked into the porous sheets. The wetness of fountain pen ink gives your writing an elegance as the sleek strokes of each letter glide to a velvety tapered finish.

Fountain pen and Leuchtturm notebooks

And then there’s ink choice – the deep saturated colours are simply incomparable to any other ink type. If you’re really fancy, you might have a collection of glass bottles containing the pigmented fluid decorating your desk, in a rainbow of colours. The traditional process of dipping the nib and absorbing ink being another experiential reason we love fountain pens. It’s like stepping back in time, and we imagine ourselves as Dickensian scribes, working on something extremely important by candle light.

If the fountain pen is the King, then it’s royal partner and Queen must surely be the Leuchtturm notebook – years of trying and testing at Noted in Style HQ are testament to that. Not only is the writing experience made smoother due to the silky surface of the paper Leuchtturm use in their products, but the quality and thickness of pages means that there is also no ink show-through, keeping your notes clear and legible.

Fountain pen and Leuchtturm notebooks

Today the fountain pen is reserved for birthday cards and legal documents, used as a trusty seal of importance. We urge you to brandish it more often and remind yourselves of the joy of handwriting, full stop.