Sound familiar? We all have to go to conferences – they’re important and we care about what is in them, because we care about our businesses. They’re also extremely useful, informative and great opportunities for business professionals to connect with each other in person. Any business worth its salt wouldn’t be without them. But sometimes they can leave us feeling a bit deflated.

You might think that no amount of conference goodies could change this. That no number of throwaway plastic branded pens (I’ve plumped for this over ‘giveaway’, because let’s face it, it’s going in the bin) will take away the taste of weak coffee which, rather depressingly, will become your one source of happiness for the next for six hours. You walk in, select your seat and pick up an underwhelming gift; you don’t feel particularly special, and you should.

Ryan Gosling looks digusted as what he sees

What if they’d handed you something a little better? What if you’d walked in empty-handed, and walked out the proud owner of something worth keeping; something more attractive, more functional – heavier, even! Perhaps a hardback, colourful leather effect notebook, one with a decent wodge of perfectly spaced lined pages? What about one without the flimsy wire spine? You know, ones that don’t attach themselves to the contents of your bag and end up causing an un-solvable ball-like tangle in there. One that keeps your notes intact, or one that invites you to write notes in the first place. What if the conference goodies handed to you were so expertly branded that even you, the toughest of people to impress at 9am on a (probably) grey weekday morning, were impressed.

I bet you’d feel much more positive about the whole experience. It was definitely worth going this time, even if just for the great conference goodies. You might even have listened to what was being said that little bit more intently. I can’t provide any evidence for this of course, but if you’re anything like me then this is highly probable. If you’re still reading, we should be singing from the same song sheet by now so I’m going to go for it – you’d take a photo of it, wouldn’t you? It’s okay, no one here is going to judge you. We like people who photograph things that catch their eye, because we’re in the business of good-looking things. And we’re in this business because we understand their power. You’ve invested your time and money to get there – so why haven’t they made a similar effort in return?

Ron Burgundy talks of importance and leather books

Showing people that they are valued isn’t always easy, but we think you’ll agree that high quality conference goodies can go a long way to towards this. Lead by example. When it’s your turn to host, give attendees something they’ll use, something that will endure, something they will be happy to display on their desk, photograph next to their coffee and post online with the hashtag #bestconferenceever (it could happen).  Look beyond the meetings and the conferences – because although it doesn’t seem like it at the time, they do all come to an end – and think about how high quality products will reflect on your brand and how many more people you could reach with them. People are far more likely to talk, research and get in touch on seeing them – so you get a great return on your investment.  No-one with a conscience can throw away a foil printed Moleskine. No one.

Join us, and become a notebook snob – there’s no shame in liking good quality things!

Foiled Classic Moleskine notebooks like this are great conference goodies