Moleskine notebooks go dotty

We’re loving the latest paper option to our Moleskine range of notebooks. Dotted paper versions are now available in the Classic range, which includes the ever popular A5 Classic black notebook and A6 Classic black pocket notebook. Beloved of creatives, graphic designers, architects and doodlers, dotted paper notebooks are perfect for draughting, sketching and design concepts. A great alternative to lined paper, the dots provide a guide for writing and also give you the freedom to add in images and unleash your creative self, making them suitable for all types of user and a perfect corporate gift.

kanazawa umimirai ibrary

That got us thinking about dots and all things dotty. Many designers, painters and architects use dots to make a dramatic statement in their work. Japanese architects, Kazumi Kudo and Hiroshi Horiba created a huge ‘punched box’ structure to house the Kanazawa Umimirai Library. Their clever use of over 6,000 small round openings allows a soft, uniform light to enter the building whilst also providing a stunning, eye-catching design.

Ana Gomez Bernaus letter collection

Los Angeles-based art director, Ana Gomez Bernaus was commissioned by designer Georgia Tribuiani to create the letter collection for her exhibition catalogue’s chapter titles. Ana produced this zingy typeface reflecting the theme of ‘connecting the dots’.

Dots go dotty

Award-winning designer Alex Trochut broke the mould when he was commissioned by Adobe to redesign their famous logo using a technique of his choice. Alex achieved this amazing liquid dot effect by experimenting with a variety of materials including NeverWet, a super hydrophobic coat, which he applied to a metal sheet.

It’s thought that the word dotty comes from the Middle English ‘doten’ which means to behave foolishly – that explains our modern day usage of dotty for someone who’s rather eccentric. Other modern meanings include ‘extremely fond of’- as in dotty about dogs. Well, we’re certainly dotty about the new Moleskine dotted notebooks and we think you will be too.

Written by Ellie
Who is often described as dotty by her family & friends