Monday, 30th November 2015

Every creative swears by their notebook, even in these days of technology and smartphones. We know we do! It’s somewhere to capture ideas, to take notes when inspiration strikes and make a quick sketch if there’s no sketchbook handy. We noticed a growing number of artists taking this one step further, using the humble notebook to create beautiful pieces of art. Beyond just doodles or scribbles, these artworks are striking and boldly stand up against art on canvas.

Natalia Platonova notebook art-03

We will be featuring a different ‘notebook artist’ each month. This month we are talking to Moscow-based artist, Natalia Platonova. Natalia is a designer and illustrator. She has a Bachelor degree in Graphic Design and currently works in advertising.

We interviewed Natalia about her favourite notebooks and what inspired her to use notebooks to create works of art.

What is your favourite notebook?
I drew my first picture when I was only three years old that is why I can say that I have been drawing pictures all through my life. Among so many notepads that I’ve tried, these are my favourites: Moleskine classic, reporter and Moleskine Japanese style, Flexbook, inFolio and the interactive ‘Wreck This Journal’. I also like watercolor paper and making a collage in notebook.

Natalia Platonova notebook art-06

Why do you use a notebook over canvas or other mediums?
Different notepads fit for different styles of pictures. I use notepads because of their compact and comfortable size. These qualities make them easy to work with. I can draw anywhere, any time. I can take notepads with me in my journeys for sketching, because they don’t consume additional space unlike other formats.

Why are notebooks are more than just a jot pad?
Notepads helped me organise my working process – I become more disciplined. Every day I make sketches. Rain or shine, I draw one picture at least. I post my work on Instagram, and mark them with a hashtag, naming the notepad I was using. It helps me find works of other artists, who use the same notepads. I find it very inspiring!

Natalia Platonova notebook art-01

Natalia Platonova notebook art-05

Why should people customise their notebooks – is it an expression, identity or something quite personal, therefore should it be personalised?
Notepads bring a great opportunity for creativity. One can use them not only for a sketching, but for the finished artworks, as well. Notepads teach you how to use format and composition. You start to treat the sheet of paper with due care because everyone wants to see their notepad neat and filled with nice artworks, so later you can look through them with pleasure; before drawing first line you start to plan ahead.

Notepads are like a photo album, which you desire to fill with remarkable pictures. Eventually, with more practice, leaving so many notepads behind, your pictures become more professional. Notepads are a great help for artists in discovering their own style, their unique voice. Each notepad is a reflection of its owner, I believe that you can see an artist true nature in them.

You can see more of Natalia’s amazing work on Behance here

Tell us what you think of notebook art? Do you create notebook art? If so we would love to see your works!

Natalia Platonova notebook art-04