Petainer Book and Insert

You’ll often hear companies like us espousing the business benefits of branded products and how they are an important tool in the marketing mix. However, when we had a customer report from Petainer on the business success of branded products as part of their marketing plan, we felt it was worth sharing, so that you don’t just have to take our word for it!

The client, Petainer, helps brands to grow markets and become more sustainable through innovative PET and other plastics packaging, with the focus to reduce the total cost of ownership.

Petainer, were keen, in addition to other giveaways, to offer customers a business relevant leave behind that was in keeping with their brand values and could be of use to the recipient. Opting for customised Moleskine notebooks and pens the Company reported that customers who have received the moleskine notebook and pen set were ‘pleasantly surprised and quite pleased to receive such a innovative gift [the pen and book combination is clever].’

Specifically commenting on the business value of the branded merchandise to Petainer, Annemieke Hartman Jemmett, Group Commercial Director, stated:

“The notebooks have allowed us to update our customers on our global reach through the inserts. They underwrite our brand values of innovation and fit in well with our overall brand positioning.

Additionally, we have offered members of our team books that are now being used across the business – this allows the full integration of our gamechanging positioning across our business. The notebooks are well made and support our business effectively as a marketing tool. Noted in Style have been able to support us without fuss and Petainer can highly recommend them.”

So there you have it, straight from the horses mouth! Well thought out and good quality branded products, in this case personalised Moleskine notebooks and pens, can support your business effectively as a marketing tool.

Petainer Pen and Book

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