Thursday, 10th September 2015

“If you have a thought but don’t write it down, by the next morning it may be gone forever.” Sir Richard Branson

Wise words from one of the UK’s most iconic entrepreneurs. No wonder he’s such a big success – he never misses out on a good idea.

Richard Branson - notebooks & notes

It’s true that an idea can be lost in an instant. With so many automated and computerised technologies in our lives, our thoughts seem more cluttered than ever, even though we’re supposed to be heading to a more streamlined way of working and living. Even a business guru like Sir Richard needs a trusty notebook to rely on from time to time.

Writing with a pen to paper is often claimed to be the key for boosting creativity. Novelist Jon McGregor for example recently commented: “Pen and paper is always to hand… An idea or phrase can be grabbed [that way] and worked at while it’s fresh.” A skill that shouldn’t be forgotten in this digital age perhaps.

An interesting thought to ponder…

What ideas could we have missed or ignored due to the digital noise in our lives? Or perhaps because we didn’t have a pen and paper to hand? Wasn’t life simpler when preparing a business plan or job application letter consisted of just a notebook and pen?

Notebooks - noted in style-Kent

In a recent blog by Branson himself, he detailed how sometimes he can find himself without a notebook and pen, and has had to improvise; these improvised ‘notebooks’ have included his passport and even his hand! While we admire his ingenuity (and who would expect anything less), our advice would be to never find yourself without a notebook. Why not personalise your notebook too – so no one can pinch it, or your ideas!

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