Introducing you to a design classic – the Moleskine notebook.  For over 200 years a small French bookbinding company in Tours supplied the stationery stores of Paris’ Left Bank, home to the artistic and literary avant-garde, with a pocket-sized, black, rectangular book, with rounded corners, an elastic page holder and an internal expandable pocket. Artists, writers and thinkers all used the Moleskine to record their ideas, many of which ended up as internationally known paintings or books.

While 1986 saw the Moleskine’s demise, a Milan-based publisher later revived it – and in 2014 a staggering 3.3 million people bought one!  Sharp-eyed TV viewers may have noticed them in use on Dragons’ Den, while the fictional Sherlock Holmes also carried one to ensure he never forgot a clue.  Add in names like Van Gogh, Picasso, Ernest Hemingway and Sartre and you can see the brand’s enduring appeal.

Dargons den - Moleskine notebooks

Sherlock Holmes Moleskine notebook

Want to share your philosophical, artistic and creative approach to life with your customers?  Take a look at our Moleskine notebooks, which we can personalise for you, using debossing, foil printing, internal inserts and branding – and all in a fantastic array of colours and a choice of hardback or softcover.

Fanduel Moleskine Pen and Moleskine notebook

A branded Moleskine notebook would make a great Christmas gift for your clients – get your order in and we’ll help you come up with a design that works for your business.

PS – a final thought. Ever wondered how do you pronounce ‘Moleskine?  Well, apparently, however you want. Officially, the company says that because Moleskine has an “undefined national identity” — it was derived from France, popularised by a Brit, headquartered in Italy, and sold across the world — you are welcome to say MOLE-skin, mole-SKEEN, mole-ay-SKEEN-ay, or whatever variation suits you. Can you imagine Louis Vuitton or Hermès being so liberal with the pronunciation of their brands?!