Monday, 24th August 2015

Every creative swears by their notebook, even in these days of technology and smartphones. We know we do! It’s somewhere to capture ideas, to take notes when inspiration strikes and make a quick sketch if there’s no sketchbook handy.

We noticed a growing number of artists taking this one step further, using the humble notebook to create beautiful pieces of art. Beyond just doodles or scribbles, these artworks are striking and boldly stand up against art on canvas.


We are featuring a different ‘notebook artist’ each month. This month we talk to the incredibly gifted illustrator, Kerby Rosanes. Kerby is an illustrator from The Philippines who recently left his job as a graphic designer to finally pursue his passion of creating art for various clients and design agencies around the world. He also enjoys collaborating with other artists on personal projects.

Kerby takes an ordinary black fine liner and uses it to create amazing, detailed artworks which make his “doodle” world. The 24-year old artist still considers his art a personal hobby, although it has evolved into a career after being recognised by international magazines and online communities.

We are featuring a small selection of our favourite ‘doodles’ by Kerby and spoke to him about his favourite notebooks and what inspired him to use notebooks to create works of art.


What is your favourite notebook?
Moleskine sketchbook.

Why do you use a notebook over canvas or other mediums?
I get so much inspiration from nature and travelling. So to continue doing art while not at home, a pocket sketchbook is the best choice since you can easily carry them and draw anywhere.

How have notebooks have helped your brand as an artist?
Most artists use sketchbooks/notebooks just plainly in note taking, drawing studies, etc. I think what is more unique in my art, is that the finished art is actually how the sketchbooks spread themselves. Most people find that style unique, so that helped my works land on various art blogs and become known to the public.

Why are notebooks more than just a jot pad?
In the creative process, it is where artists start to conceive great ideas. I personally believe it is the most fun part of the entire process. Notebooks and sketchbooks are as equally important and precious as the final piece of art.

Why should people customise their notebooks – is it an expression, identity or something quite personal, therefore should it be personalised?
Each of us have our own reasons. For me, customising a notebook is an indication how I value the bits of inspiration I get everyday from various sources. Most people use it for personal expression. Personal expression must always be unique therefore your notebooks as well.

You can see more of Kerby’s amazing work below and here.
Kerby on Instagram


Lost City


Black Hole

Ant Man



Tell us what you think of notebook art? Do you create notebook art, If so we would love to see your works!