Has the paper diary had its day? We say no! Long live customised diaries!

Here in sunny Kent we’re already looking to 2016 and this week we started chatting about how to plan for the year ahead and whether we all use a traditional diary. Which lead to a ‘heated’ debate on the merits of a paper diary over a digital device! Our discussions revealed good arguments in favour of paper diaries:

For a start, a paper diary is highly portable and does not need to be charged, have signal to operate and can be seen clearly even in the brightest of sunshine. It does not require start up time, never freezes or sneakily deletes something behind your back.

A printed diary is quicker too – on average it takes just eight seconds to find the right page in your diary, compared to up to 32 seconds for the electronic version!

Above all, there is something tactile and satisfying about a physical diary. Writing in your key dates at the start of each year in your best handwriting, trying to keep those pristine pages neat, is an end of year tradition for many of us – and when you get to December you can look back through and see everything you were up to.

Moleskine timepage app

Yes, yes, there are advantages to having an electronic diary too – they were all aired. The ability to have reminders sent to you, to share appointments with friends or colleagues, the ease of editing if something changes and being able to access it from anywhere without having to remember to carry it with you if it is stored on the cloud. But none of those benefits trumped the final advantage to a paper diary – its physicality means it can be personalised for showing off!  A customised diary says a lot about you – and this applies as much to the corporate market as to individuals. Your brands personality can be conveyed through branded diaries.

No longer is a black cover with a foil printed logo and year on the cover the only option. Diaries are now a design statement in themselves in all kinds of colours and styles.  Indeed a sign that the paper diary is not dead is the extent to which the major suppliers continue to re-invent their diaries and stay on trend.

2016 Moleskine coloured diaries

This year Moleskine has totally replaced it’s colour range in it’s classic diaries. Aside from the perennial black, the Moleskine daily diary and Moleskine weekly diary both come in beautiful shades of tide green, royal blue, hay yellow and mauve. Even the usual red has had a subtle change of tone and is now know as scarlet red. It is not just form, but function too that continues to be refined, with all major suppliers including Moleskine, Leuchtturm1917 and Castelli providing a weekly diary that is also part notebook, allowing you plenty of space to make notes alongside appointment listings.

The beauty of a diary is that it lasts the whole year and will be repeatedly used throughout. So if you give one away to clients or prospects or give them to staff to use them your company name and brand message will be right in front of them throughout 2016! A perfect marketing tool or method to reinforce your brand message with staff.

Don’t delay, contact us to get your order in now for your customised diaries before stocks run out of your preferred style and colour.

Leuchtturm1917 weekly diaries