Time after time it is claimed that blue is THE most popular colour. Well a new YouGov survey conducted in 10 countries across four continents shows blue is indeed the most popular worldwide.  It is the colour of the sea, the sky, the ubiquitous and ever on trend denim, features in 53% of the world’s flags and is the most commonly used colour in corporate logos. It is no co-incidence that many of the world’s biggest brands use blue within their identities – think Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, IBM, American Express, Linkedin…we could go on… and on…and on.

Navy Moleskine notebook

So it may come as a surprise to some that Moleskine, the biggest, global brand name in the notebook market, chose not to include blue as a colour when they finally took the leap into producing coloured versions of their most infamous product – the classic hardback notebook. Moleskine do already feature blue across their range (see the navy Moleskine Cahier notebooks, the blue Moleskine Volant notebooks or the recent reef blue classic Moleskine soft-cover notebook) but despite introducing colour to the hardbacks last year, still no blue – until NOW*.

Navy Moleskine notebook brand

Of all of the tones of blue, navy seems a wise choice for Moleskine to introduce in their most popular product, as dark blue invokes feelings of cleanliness, strength and dependability, and is neither particularly masculine nor feminine. Here at Noted in Style we’re fans of the new colour as it’s a great shade that will work well with a plain, subtle deboss or act as a perfect base palette for classic complementary colours to work with, or for bright accent colours to stand out on – it really is a book for all branding needs.

Navy Moleskine notebooks

We pre-ordered our first batch of navy Moleskine notebooks a while ago so have stocks ready and waiting. So get in touch with us straight away if you want to be one of the first organisations to have branded navy Moleskine notebooks. Or if you are after a lighter blue, hardback, branded notebook there are a variety of shades of blues in the Castelli Tucson or the Leuchtturm1917 notebook range which we can supply. So, if you are feeling blue…give us a call!

*As of today (18th May) Navy Classic Moleskine notebooks are available in the UK.