Friday, 12th December 2014

Whether you’ve just started, yet to start or have already finished (lucky you!) – the Christmas shopping season is at its peak. Retail spending is set to increase by an average of 60% during December, and with an estimated 400 million hours expected to be spent online by consumers shopping for gifts, that’s a whole lot of stuff to get wrapped and delivered!

Christmas Snowmen

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According to a survey, the average UK household spends a total of £835 on Christmas, with £161 going on food and £634 on gifts, with the last £40 on trees, decorations and cards. In fact, the Christmas card market is massive, despite the popularity of social media and the increase in online print on demand, with the Greeting Card Association Market Report 2014 revealing the singles Christmas card market to be valued at £130m!

Online shopping - Mike McCune
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20th December is the last date to post cards and gifts 1st class (UK inland) to ensure delivery before Christmas, and our last shipping date to send out branded notebooks or premium corporate gifts in 2014 is 19th December. We’re nearly there and our little Christmas elves are working very hard to finish the last orders!