Digital print technology has quickly evolved over the last 10 years, driving the cost of printer hardware down, so much so that inkjet printers can be found in abundance within offices and homes around the world. The technology of inkjet is not new (dating back to the 1950’s), but the way in which and the accuracy with which the ink can now be applied means that it is currently possible to print incredibly detailed images onto almost any surface.

One big advancement is that you can now print white; which does not sound like much, but has been long awaited. Furthermore the ability to print black on black, to give the illusion of a clear varnish without the setup and cost of more traditional methods, means short runs of a ‘varnish’ look can now be produced at an affordable cost.

Perhaps the biggest game changer arising from the new technology is the ability to print ‘variable data’.  A recent, very successful example was the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign in which the labels for the coke bottles were printed using variable data. Coca-Cola replaced its branding with 150 of the UK’s most popular names on 100 million packs to engage and increase brand penetration and perception. This proved to be a hugely successful campaign and will be rolled out across more markets this year.

variable data printing coca-cola

Technological progression such as this has created more customisation and personalistion opportunities for us at Noted in Style. With the ability to reproduce full colour, photo realistic results onto almost any surface we can truly reflect your brand.

For a recent project working with AFG Europe we produced customised Moleskine notebooks for their client Purina, with digital printing the cheeky face of ‘Felix’ and the Purina logo onto the front of the notebooks. This was combined with blind embossing of the Felix logo on the front and paw prints across the back cover, to create a very impressive finished product.

Felix - digitally printed Moleskine notebooks

Felix back and front cover

Another great example of digital print customisation is the Revlon UK project we worked on. With the relaunch of Charlie fragrance brands we produced customised notebooks showing off the ‘Wisp’ design, created by ceft and company in New York, on the front and back covers of the book. To finish the books off to make them perfect for the product launch we also printed and inserted a page at the front of the notebook.

Revlon Charlie full colour printed notebook

Revlon Charlie inserted prodcut page

The fantastic possibilities with variable data can be seen on these notebooks, on which we printed a logo and individual names on the front of each of a Castelli Tucson notebook for a client of Rave Communications. An Excel spreadsheet was supplied with each name in it’s own row. It’s that simple!

Maxxia personalised notebooks
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