Smartphone syncs with paper notebooks

LEUCHTTURM1917 have teamed up with Whitelines Link to create a new, modernised notebook, and we Noted In Style, have had the chance to get a look at it early! For those of you who don’t know what Whitelines Link is, in short it is a new concept to create no visual interference between the lines and the pen colour. The paper is a light grey colour while the lines are white; they almost blend into each other but this is so that your writings and drawings  STAND OUT. Not only that but the pages are specifically designed to work with your smart phone to input your work onto your phone either through email, evernote or dropbox; without the distracting lines in the background. No more dodgy scanning or photographs – pure genius. Early tests show the search results of scanned content on Whitelines Link works better than the other current apps/notebooks available. Apps for both iPhone and Android are available online for free.

Overall this notebook not only has the quality of LEUCHTTURM1917 but now it also has the sleek and technological look of Whitelines Link. Due to be launched soon – so keep an eye out.

Whitelines cover with icons