Wednesday, 5th December 2012

Our beloved Moleskine. For years the unassuming pocket filler of writers, artists, businessmen and those of us who welcome a handy little channel for our thoughts to spill into from time to time. A backup for what our brains might forget, now a backup for your computer’s memory too. So, how? Well the wonderful world of has popped out yet another ingenious little creation that has caught our eye; the portable Moleskine hard drive.

plugin moleskine

Enclosed within the ‘notebook’ that you see is in fact a high quality 500GB portable hard disk, pre-formatted and ready to use with all modern operating systems including all versions of Windows, MacOS and Linux. Complete with glue-sealed flame retardant pages, USB power and just one lightweight lead, this innocent looking Moleskine is perfect for use in cafes, the office or by your side at home. With less chance of prying eyes or light fingers targeting this innocuous little item, it’s sure to keep your data extra safe. Think of it as a stocking filler straight from the mind of Q, granted, it’s not an exploding pen, but it’s just as well hidden… and a lot less messy.

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