Moleskine – The famous notebook

Those of you with eagle eyes will be aware that Moleskine notebooks make an appearance in the BBC TV show Dragons Den. Each of the Dragon’s writes their notes on the pitch made before them in their own Moleskine. But this guest appearance is just one minor one in a long line of credits for the modest little notebook. It doesn’t make a song and dance out of its cameo’s, but it’s been seen in blockbusters…

… in the hands of Ann Hathaway taking notes in ‘The Devil Wears Prada

…being doodled in aboard a sailing boat by Pierce Brosnan in ‘Mama Mia’ and

…having a go at comedy with Will Farrell in ‘Stranger than Fiction’

moleskine notebook Will Farrell

The list of appearances goes on and on. Not only that but the Moleksine notebook has many celebrity friends too, from A-lister Brad Pitt…

Brad Pitt and his trusted moleskine


…to captain of industry Richard Branson


Richard Branson - few business ideas in his moleskine


But don’t worry, the notebook remains accessible to everyone. You don’t have to be in a Hollywood movie or head of a multi-million pound brand to have one. That’s the beauty of Moleskine notebooks – they are high quality products for those who demand the best, yet they come at an affordable price – especially when you buy from us. A small business wanting a few to give away to customers or employees can have a limited quantity of branded pocket notebooks (with their name or logo de-bossed on the front cover) for as little as £13.50 – that’s actually cheaper than the RRP of one non-branded notebook! Prices are even less if you are ordering more than 50.
Why not give us a call today to get your hands on the notebook that everybody wants?