Lost and Found

Have you ever noticed the inside page of a branded Moleskine notebook has “In case of loss, please return to:…” and “As a reward:$…”?  Well there’s a story to this quirk of design…

Branded Moleskine weekly diary planner lost or found

The notebooks that have now become known as Moleskines have been used for centuries by artists and thinkers, from Vincent Van Gough and Picasso to Ernest Hemmingway and Bruce Chatwin – English novelist and travel writer. The notebooks were Chatwin’s favourite and he was the man who gave the notebook it’s “moleskine” name.  On the front page of each of his notebooks he would write name, address and reward for whoever found it – he was clearly very attached to his notebooks!

So as a tip of the hat to Chatwin, an important man in the notebook’s history, each Moleskine notebook today contains the space for a name and address and a reward for the finder for safe return of the book to the owner.

This little historic throw back has remained and expanded it’s reach as Moleskine have developed their product range too – and you’ll now find the text in their bags and, very handily, their luggage tags.

The luggage tags come in classic black, or blue, pink or green and follow the style of the notebooks, with rounded corners and an elasticated closure band.  At 9.7cm x 6cm in size and with a hard cover, they are perfectly suited to having a company name or logo debossed or foil printed on the front – so your brand will travel the world!

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